Saturday, 16 January 2021

Cleaning up the bog-down jobs before travel really begins

 For the last few years the paper work has had to be sorted out, prioritized, sorted into categories, tidied, worked on and one at a time finalized.

Honestly this all started off as a Maxed Out Overwhelm Situation.

Eventually one job at a time was sorted out. Done. Completed. Got rid of. Next.

From Then to Now

When a person takes on someone's Enduring Power of Attorney this is where making sure everything is in order is really important.

There is an excitement in the air.  Well for me there is.   There are five receipts to add into the spreadsheet of records.  

Then there's the double checking of the bank records to make sure these card details are in the correct place.

As of this morning one accountant arrived at a Sunday Service. When helping with a community service in 2018/19 this person was the accountant there. 

The relief to know what is sort for has already been found. 

Why is an accountant important. 

Primarily five reasons - besides these books need to be 100% accurate.

  • The main one is dealing with someone else's money.
  • The use of a basic spread sheet to record financial things out went out with the dinosaurs.  Notably each accountant has their own program. Therefore at least these figures are sorted out and then more easily inputted.
  • That day at the beach just took on another twenty four hours. Most probably with me away stuck in a motel room inputting these figures. Sorting out category's and subcategories.
  • By the finalization of the book work the house involved will have it's own official financial record recorded.
  • By the time the house is fixed up the trip for me will have started..... once again with a trip to the beach.
Currently it's more like swiping a day here, a day there. What ever will get me to the sea, river, water in general. 

There is a huge coast frontage around the continent of Australia.  What's more is that every river has an originating spring arm that leads to it's source.. And down the other side.

The only challenge is the flipping of the coin when the vehicle hits the sea in Inverlock, Victoria.  But that was decided  a long time ago. Great Ocean Road.  See the Sisters sticking out of the coastal waters

Friday, 15 January 2021

What You Plan So You Do

A few years ago the responsibility of looking after a bank account, paying a persons bills etc came into my care. 

So to did the comment "Paperwork? What paperwork? I keep it minimalistic!" 

Any paperwork relating to what ever I need would be like a needle in a haystack to find! 

From that point the world had no bottom. Indeed it had just fallen out. For a few months diligent recording of what went where and how come this matched that, but that did not...

 OH BOY what a mess! 

Added to this shamozzle, the system a main income came through changed the payments. Instead of by-monthly on set dates... the two week system came in. 

Then a few months later went back to twice a month. Confusing at the best of times. Thus the receipt keeping had to change how everything was physically recorded and stored. T

What part of part of Autism Spectrum was firing on all fours went haywire. 

Concentration was intense. Went for days. Got in the way of other things. 

The rest from it meant doing what was being studied. 

What was being activitely studied needed gear changes. Click from A into B had groans and frustrations associated. 

  • What was learned was the value of a clear desk. 
  • Finish the job. 
  • Clear the desk. 
  • Not finished write a not which part you are up to.
  • Add the next job to do items. 
  • These got the mind back into gear easier than any other way known. 

  Where you now! 
Thirty receipts are sitting to the left of the computer. On the right though are two binders plus a sheet of paper with numbers. What happened were the envelops that store the paper receipts had got miscued. 

The glitch in the above external system that impacted the basic system being utilized sure did impact it. 

The stream line process hit a bump. 
Nothing matched up. 

That took all of yesterday afternoon to figure out 
  • What had happened 
  • Why it happened 
  • What to do about it 
Then actively, piece by piece, process everything paperwork to aligen with online records. 

Now there are only twelve more to do to be up to date in that side of things. 

 Where does this come into travelling adventures 
When a person takes on something, only to find that simple task just morphed into a ginormous task there are things to do to normalize things. 

 What happened here was to reduce the morphed trifed effect into handle- able bite sized chunks.

On jump at a time

Right smack in the middle of yesterday enough was enough. While totally frustrated, felling like crying at the repeative came emotion.  

Out came "You know what. When all this is running smoothly, done and up to date.... I am going to the beach!"

Must admit a long time later the realization that the vehicle I would drive down to the beach in would be in the garage getting fixed.

Update to that thought
Hang on when I drive the vehicle to the town the vehicle gets left, maybe there is a bus that goes through, Heads off to the beach. Stay the night enjoy the next day looking around.

Come back by bus and pick up the vehicle. Head home. Say hello to the dogs.

So today the silver lining is there are positive steps to do....
  1. Process these thirty receipts.
  2. Double check with bank statements the receipts etc already recorded. 
    1. Some things have charges for processing
      1.  record these processing fees
      2. little bits overlooked means my holiday money is altered.
  3. Check bus time tables.
  4. Print the book-keeping work out.
  5. Go through everything all over again 
    1. Manually
What are people doing now
Remember that as this is not your primary online calling there is an easier method to do this.  That method needs finances in order to make processing easier.

This morphed favor needs the cash in the bank to pay for the book-keeping system you don't have , yet require.

Al this and really there have been smiles amongst the jumble of great intentions colliding with realism and facts.  

Today, that out look towards the beach decision is a marvelous stimulant to just get n with the activity.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Paper work to declutter

Before this world went crazy, my personal world was already crazy. This house is a rented one from the Governement. My ex-husband had been living in the one the was buying. Something unexpected happened and effectively he is not in this town anymore. Here's the thing inthis houethere were a lot of his/hers/theirs stuff. Thinking he was about to go travel there were things he had been saving up , purchashing and storing here [ the presumption w as that I had room.] So now I do have room. I've decluttered by the rubbish bin fulls. Each week more junk for several weeks of two peoples rubbish bins being used. To add to this are the drip feed process of going through receipts and creating the books that needed to be done as a basis for these books to balance upon. The idea apparently was "I have mimimalistic book work." Oh how true. further he wrote: "I know that you will correct them!" Well,thanks I think. No longer with the financial Taxrecord book work [ online] that was used in my ooast... a spread sheet was created. Refurnished, time altered here and there. Now the painful part. Working out what bankstatement goes to which purchase. Majoritiy of which has already been completed. It's the check off and correct that is interesting. Painfully so. In between all this came a rather large payment for a action to be taken in three years That target date is Jan 14th 2020n1nmadwh8chbanjsaccount. Eve with the riddles to solve the people within Australia need the blood systen will have the fuds tionight to pay a few ill incurerd this off. Funny thing is the idea of arriving in Texas holds great appeal. Yes the ideal would be Texas USA. There is another option. Texas is just up the road from a friends place. Althugh it says the straight through drive is between 16 to 18 hours [ allowing for daylight savings change of clocks] to get to Texs,,, lets be serious. Its more like six months to two years serious travel stops and glorious wide open night skys. In the mean time there are jobs at the house of Raymnds to do. Like ripping out and replacing nearly everything from stump refurbishment, to replacing roof tiles with tin cladding. Just waiting for some things to occur where this is made possible. Meanwhile marketing the smile campaign is my thing.

Monday, 12 October 2020

Found One Trip Planner for Queensland

 Checking up on insurance for a friend whose insurance had been overlooked there was suddenly something that caught the eye.

A trip planner.

The RACV roadside assist looks interesting as well. 

The link for what a part of the future planned trips look like is right here.  Through hitting on this road trip link  you recognize it provides a reference quick guide only.

To know this is the trip you are planning. One for yourself.

Ask yourself,  what attractions are you going to be following.  Where are you likely to dive through and have a quick trip there, maybe her and what about further afield.

The more that Australia is at my finger tips the greater interest there is in visiting as much as is there to see.

This seems to be happening even faster than I had thought possible.

Back here in Churchill [ Victoria] there's the lawn to mow tomorrow.  The lawnmower is a borrowed ne from the Neighbour Hood House in Morwell.  There pick it up , mow the lawns, now over grown, clean and tidy the lawn mower up... and return it all in three hours.

Why borrow and not buy! Where is the lawnmower going s the trips with the vehicle occur! Certainly not following the vehicle all over the place.

This trip that is being worked on is one where there is no lawnmower involved.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

create a calendar of festivals, markets, activities to visit

 Knew it was time to start to create a calendar of festivals, markets, activities to visit even made mention of a travel bucket List throughout the Australian Content published 11th August 2019.

Now it's September 2020  a calendar of suggestions for the Eastern Side of Australia is started to be created.

To be realistic there is a lot of distance between these places, the time between each suggestion cluster may actually take several years to complete.  That truly is seen as a time of true adventure.

Yeah, there may even be a couple of One-day cricket matches taken into consideration.

October 2-4th Kilkivan Bush Camping and Caravan Park

Susan Lewis 2020 calendar of events plans while off on adventure

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

A Smokin, Blues & Roots Music Festival

Based in South East Queensland [ australia]  is a 25 acre area full of powered and unpowered sites. Add a few Camping huts and the Kilkivan Bush Camping and caravan park becomes a hive of activity.

 At the Kilkivan Bush Camping and Caravan Park on 2020 October 2-4 the Smokin, Blues & Roots Music Festival long weekend occurs. [booking details are below the post]

So far this is what is planned:

Over the weekend you have ongoing live up of 'live music' happening from Friday to Sunday.

  • Tennesee Lights
  • Aerial  Catz
  • Four String Phil
  • Pop
  • Circus skills workshop inc
  • Includes a kids performance on Sunday Night
  • So many kids activities
  • Artists workshops
  • Live demonstrations
  • Reverend Bill
  • Devils Kiosk
  • Ralph's delicious catering

Cost $50 an adult per night > this includes camping and entertainment

Pictures to share are from the Kilkivan Bush And Caravan Park

Contact details 
Phone call 5484 1340

See you at the KilKivan Smoking, Blues and Roots Music Festival

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Caravan Care Wash And Wear


Australia's definitely a land of many places and faces. That leaves a lot of things to do.  There's also

Suggestions about the washing of a caravan:

  • Wash after trips.
  • Have made a 'van shirt'.  Take the Van Shirt off the caravan. Now use a soft broom to clean the shirt a well as the van.
  • Never pressure wash as pressure washes cause leaks.
  • Use a ladder and broom to do the roof.
  • Place a piece of wood across the roof to stand on - no dents
These days clean the inside completely down before, after and during the trip.

Cleaning up the bog-down jobs before travel really begins

 For the last few years the paper work has had to be sorted out, prioritized, sorted into categories, tidied, worked on and one at a time fi...