Monday, 23 May 2022

To Buy One Little Paint Brush

Today is the day that was set aside to buy one little paint brush.

Over the last few days the front doors veranda has started to continue the fix up maintenance.

Yesterday the only thing that was completed was one coat of rust remover.

Now being told that liquid rust remover was not something to be used ...etc... a few weeks have gone by. The thing was the liquid paint stripper had already been purchased.  Was quietly sitting in the bathtub with the rest of the painting stuff for the door way.

To have spent thirty dollars on a small bottle of rust remover was a great feeling.  Then to be told it was a waste was a horrible feeling.

Well it was a fine winters day yesterday. Today was another beautiful one. It was yesterday as the eye caught the square bottle that the thought popped into the head. That is "Why was the input of someone else who was not there at the time the contents and use of the rust remover bottle was explained" taking precedence over what needed to be done.

Actually "what would my younger sister do" was the next question that came before anything else!  As a young teenager in the 70's I'd seen my mum paint the toilet psychedelic colours in wavy lines as a quiet protest to something my father had done.

Her van was next. Sanded back. Rust removed. Hand painted. And furbished. Then away she went on search for something that took years to find.

Adventure comes through many things in life.  Adventure is what you make of your surroundings. How you treat people, and how they in turn consider you. Or maybe just the smile that that today was on your face.

Right at that moment female logic hit the forefront of the "you've already spent this money,.. now use the product to find out for yourself!"  Experiment. 

So the lid came off not only that bottle , but the roof of someone else's 'confining restrictions. However well intended.

Paint brush and product in hand there was something missing. With an old shop vegetable plastic tray later the holder for the rust remover was created. 

Add a pair of eye protection glasses over the reading glasses. Looked funny in the mirror. Did the job.

Everything to be painted was cloth dried. I mean everything that was intended to be painted was wiped down. The excuse that more was done was because there was to much paint stripper left in the little  container. No way was that going back into the original container.

The dogs sat inside the door patiently waiting. At one stage I'm sure they were wearing glasses!  Just my imagination there.  This time they stayed well away from the activity. Suppose being twenty-one human years these dogs may have found out a little about 'stay away from Susan when she has a paintbrush!'

In the afternoon when about to go out the rails were checked. Then with the magnifying glass in hand what was seen were like little pock marks where the rust had been. This stuff works. And there was the grin.

Well it works on the areas that you put it on. Today two things were achieved. The second coat all over went on If it was metal that got a coat of paint stripper. If done yesterday ... well there was again extra paint stripper so the paint brush just kept moving back and forth, up and down. This time there was nothing metal missed. Painted, rusted or just needing a coat to use the rest of the paint stripper the job to that point was now completed.

What's next? Tomorrow that area will be coated in protective plastic coating. Newspaper or something to catch the flicks and the drips.

The new paint brush  shall be used with enthusiasm. Up, down, under, across. each and every corner and join.  The colour is a light bronze.

Just a thought: some of the veranda railings are currently black while others are white. Maybe a test run first is in order.

On that note these last few days it was prudent to buy one little paint brush. That too was part of the house maintenance adventure.

Friday, 13 May 2022

walking in the mist

Today is the weekend.  Yes to that.

Woke up and on went the washing and out to the line... there is mist all around.

By noon there little bits f rain falling were just that little bit more. By one o'clock there is a stready-pitter-patter of light raindrops on the roof.

Needless to say the washing is still on the clothes line. Just wet enough to now stay there.

Well the run around from plant to plant occurred. These are now deseeded. The worms have them and the vegetable scraps from the preperation of chicken soup done early this morning. The fridge is now bare of many of the older vegetables. Actually the older vegetables became re-hydradeted after being chopped up and tossed in the base as chicken soup mixture. 

These small jobs completed  in between solving a mistary kept the morning hours occupied.

It worked.  After a few hours the accountant is now chasing facts through site that the normal person has  no access to the information.

In the mean time the office here has a picnic table propping up  about ten inches of receipts. Some of these have already gone through the accountant. They have a "filed" note on the top.

Now the adventure with the book work begins again as everything gets reviewed. Then filed away for ever and ever.

Looking forward to this part   It's like walking in the mist.  At times there are clear skies.  and sometimes even a few rain drops... At times its called crying with relief.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Store It In The Glass Jars

A few months ago large, medium and small jars - with lids - were sort out every two weeks. The reason is there is a room in the house that has shelves, desks and a table that has chairs.  Plus a really large home deep freeze.

Bar the jars, these all came from the place at number 19, around the corner.

The connecting 'L' shaped bench's originally came from a youth meeting time that closed down over ten years ago.

The table and chairs were found around the corner and brought home.

The shelves arrived here when shifting from the old lounge room, a bedroom and the back shed.  Where everything else happened to be squished in there.

Food  was stored in all sorts of places. The laundry, hall cupboards, on shelves and even the back veranda.

Then the shift to no 14 happened.

At number 14 there are three rooms. Two single ones and a double room. But there was a definite "NO' to myself having that particular room in the house. Nor was there any interest in sleeping in the house at all. 

Challenge was ... what to do with the food in boxes and cartons.  

After a few months the basic things for a store room where in that main room.  Commonly called a shambles.

Shelves are still needed

But now those shelves are needed for a difference reason.  The garden has produced vegetables and herbs. 

So far there are

  • Tomatoes in oil.
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Pumpkins and marrows 

Also thee has been products from the closest Indian produce shop. The only thing has been the coincidence of mice outside that have the desire to come inside.

So what do you do when there are pests around who have tried to eat the cooked dog biscuits and burry themselves in packets.

Step by step Get organised

That meant tidying up. Rearranging while putting away. The stock take is yet to come through... next year for that.

In the meantime there was this mouse.  At least one eating into the packets.

Freeginism steps in here

Large glass jars with glass lids from anywhere. Just the same ones enable congruency with stacking the . 

Opportunity shops began to get raided. Every second Friday. Sometimes in between.

Gradually the shelves are filling up with those glass jars. So to is the rescued table top surface nearly full of waiting empty jars.




Monday, 9 May 2022

A quick time to rearrange, and kick start, your life

 Strange just how much people s actions tend to raise up something very protective on some receivers, yet totally crush other people.

To put this in perspective 

  • Susan something very big will happen soon was stated verbally.
    • Now I thought  oh cool as we had been online connecting into one of many systems for the last few years.  M You could say what the speaker actually stated was something along the lines of what has happened ... but it certainly was not what I thought would happen.  Infact, the two extremums happened.
  • The came the first of the emails.  Nasty to receive.  Worst to have to show the other people specifically mentioned.
Please note that in previous years that something within now was not faithfully actually engaged.

Thats something was a dream  Just before dawn as the sleeper in my bed began to prepare to what to do the mind and body got a clear message. 

The result... once the hahhahhah moment had literally blipped out side into the evaporated air.  The wow what an opportunity Susan! Arrived.

In between organising IT people in order to c0ver the broad range of what did happen.

  • Yes details had been altered. 
    • the attached information on the backup of that companies computer data has already been investigated from the obvious what was not stated. 
      • An email with the time dated had been immediately sent in when something was experienced, but not seen.
      • An other email again sent in when what was was no longer there as it had been created.  Some how the account was replaced with a minimal action one.  AKA the inital one someone would give to a learner.
        • Wow is that what it looks like in the very basic system being the immediate thought. Followed by " Hey wait on! Never did I ever agree to being under you"
  • Many access social sites  have been upgraded into new emails and cryptic passwords allocated.
  • A very small, plain quantum language document was sent.
  • What else has happened in that a mass of reorganisation of desk and filing space occurred.  Even the draws are now tidy.
  • Additionally the process forward planned out.
You see what actually was sent to try and destroy someone, just made the gone into a clam mode.  Talk to God and read the rest of the book of Matthew, and Mark.

Earlier today the new account was created. Woops one clerical error just meant tracking back to find out how to correctly edit the little mistake.

All that has to be done now is to actually fix up the ink for the printer to print out these data replaced information sheets.

It's called Think like the professional you are within.  Not the trapped, dare I breath again just yet, rag doll you once were.  If you do not yet have enough backbone... the God, he tends to loan you some cause you invited His Son within.

Trial and tribulation boring with it a lot of quirks.  Adversely the ground may have a lot of rock like formations.    Tart sifting the rubble out of the trush. 

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Dig Down To The Roots Carefully

 Early in 2020 a ex farming family friend came here to number 14 and said "Susan You will not get rid of the Blackberry. Especially if the head is under the concrete! All you can do is locate when base of the root as far as you can. Dig that up. Fill in the hole."

Such friendly advice

A little more study online lead to alternative thinking to be included in the tried and tested methods.

A lot of digging downwards, even the pouring weed killer as far down the nearby walls and concrete footpaths 'could' allow me too get a toe hold in the ridding of blackberry brambles.

That friend was right.

Cut the blackberry down. Chop up the blackberry into manageable size pieces. Mow over once, twice, then over again. 

This way there was more to add into the Green Waste bins. With no overhang of branches.

Why 'Hello' my friendly blackberry 

Spring, summer and autumn that blackberry kept coming up to the surface.  Over the growing season quite a lot of this blackberry went out in the Green Waste councils pick up. That felt a waste.  

What could black berry be used for!  Online is a terrific place. Lots of answers there.

Now its nearly winter 

Preparation of the room to store, plus air dry the garden produce hits a few snags as well.

Rearrange a few hooks in the wall frame. Add string, or wire. Plus clothes pegs and there you have it. A line to dry the black berry roots once dug out as far as can go. Washed and left to dry under cover.

Blackberry is a prickly, scrambling invasive shrub! Not a herb

Given that herbs are not things that produce woody stems the blackberry is not considered a herb.

Therefore It had to be asked.. what use was the blackberry bush parts?  Besides eating the fruit raw or cooked.  Blended or juiced.  There were leaves, branches and roots! Usually an oversupply of these. 

The adventure has been to 

Find out what it is about the blackberry that has health and living properties.  Then what to do about including these into the lives of the people at 'number 14'.

Simple answers that you may want to smile at are included through this link.  It is up to you as to what you want to do with the information. 

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Smiles are terrific

This time last year there was me running around the neighbourhood during the day and collecting rubbish bins that those who had no rubbish needed full.  They were to embarrassed to add another bin out there with just a little bit in there. A waster f the rubbish mans time.  

This was terrific as the rubbish left behind here needed to be taken away and as quickly as possible.

From that time to now people are still helping out. This time though its there Green Waste bins. Have four compost bins and one worm farm.  The other challenge is that nearly all the place is concrete.

The vegetable garden now has nutrients within the soil - it's loom is terrific. Gradually though on the outer side of the  seven foot fence the loom there is to be upgraded. The yellow wax beans planted there are growing well. But could do with a helping hand.

That helping hand is the matured compost created from the supplies of green waste.

That's where the fun starts. The vegetables shared between neighbours is a wonderful surprise for each of these families.

Is it worth spending the time gardening, watering, weeding,  and all the other bits to create something wonderful.  The simple answer is yes it is. Their smiles are terrific.

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Pumpkins are ready to harvest and store

Just finished todays harvest from the side garden. Admittedly the pumpkins are ready to harvest and store probably as long as a month ago. However, the compost storage was full to overflowing. So one job at a time lead to a few more basic maintenance jobs in-between.

In this post to write today was the day where another eight of the pumpkins were harvested. Not the ones covering the concreate. For most of the fence wall.

So far harvested this year have been 

  • Baby Bear 
  • Early Sweet Sugar Pie
  • Orange smoothies
  • Small Sugars

What started out with a colder weather reminder of more frosts to come along with snow on the mountains basically cleared that half of this long stand up garden off.

One kitchen knife was used to cut through the stem holding the pumpkins up. Hanging freely from the fence.  Its amazing the strength of the vines that held the pumpkins in place.

Sure these were not humungous pumpkins. The thing is to grow the pumpkin to the size your family members usually eat  in a week.

That way there's one pumpkin as the basis for at least three meals as winter time creeps ever closer.

When is the pumpkin ready to pick?

  • The right time of year is there today
  • You see the desired color turn happen
  • That finger nail of yours does not poke a hole in the rind.
  • Now the Knock, know check on the rind does not sound hallow
  • lLstly the skin begins to tuned brown.

Store in a darkened, cool, dry place. Definitely not moist room.  Allow air to circulate around the pumpkin as it sits on the metal shelf or a clean dry piece of cardboard used as a mat for that pumpkin.

Actually this is the method that is preferred. Reason being is that any wet seepage  has a chance of being identified easier.

 As with all the other fruits and produce from a garden store in an area that is 'the drier the better.'

Next year the pumpkins will be grown in the actual back yard in pots.  The back yard being basically just concrete.  Variety added will be the Gourds and their different varieties. 

To Buy One Little Paint Brush

Today is the day that was set aside to buy one little paint brush. Over the last few days the front doors veranda has started to continue th...