Sunday, 25 December 2022

contrast people with a spark of lead potential

Just Create a list of 101+ outcomes.

Typically include everything. Even things that somehow are to fit into that list.  When physically  meeting in person that man in late 2015 the last comment stated as I was departing was called out to myself. "Everyday state 100 times your intention. Every day repeat the 'mantra'."

In this day and age it was believed by many that to make an intonation [affirmation] there were various steps to undertake.  In addition. the emphasis was on the time of completion.  Besides, the what was to be completed.

What's more, the person concerned needed to thoroughly get to grips with what and how, and why this would come about.  They would have to be ready for the mind shifts and release of life as you know it paradigms.  These things were also explained in  various different forms previous to that.  

  • Church simply stated to ask Jesus.  Not saying a things about making that request - backed by what is written in the Bible - directly to God.  Add the Holy Ghost so that your angel is activated.
  • The Swami Ackundananda who came to the commune near Auckland in the 1970s  he showed people through yoga  to clear their pathways into a higher level of thinking.
  • At work they ask you where you wanted to be in five years time.  This was for training goal purposes.
    • What we did not know was the level of requested information given was squirreled away for future community selections for activities.  
On reflection, each time your mind allowed you to move out of one space, into another level your occupancy on lists was enlivened. Into a smaller, more selected group.

Sure, life is a real drag at times. With any luck, something happens so that the walls come tumbling down. Right then and there seize, activate and enjoy the experiences that now are present.

After an instant decision, 'some careful thought' aspect went out the door. Next realisation of this man was he'ld already made the decision as in jest he'ld written it an intention to 'walk on the bottom of the sea/ ocean bed'. As a result  that person saw the flyer, promptly booked themselves in. From that point that person faced their fears of water.  

Secondly, someone had shown him how marvellous water bubbles were against the skin. How the experience under water with water movement everywhere could carry the bubbles along, freeing the fears that were yet to be faced. The time came and so he did so. In some other balmy beautiful holiday resort

That same year there was a jump out of a plane... all in the aid of a charity fundraiser.

At another holiday resort later that year the boss he was working for - that same person, arriving late, was presented with a hand full of bubbles.

 This man had no inkling as to how incredibly important to a growing company he actually was.... until one of the leaders brought him some bubbles from the swimming pool a few floors down.  Until he reached out to the rail, looked down to see the other people all in the pool.  Well those one could see under the ever increasing bubbles.

You see what I now believe no-one there knew was that over the 2018/19 Christmas/ New Year  break he would fly in a private jet [ another of the bucket list things] to another country to have a few nodules out at the base of his skull / neck. Then go back home to rest.

Just shortly after that that was the time for myself to fly to England and visit my kin.  That was not to be though.  England was fun and totally enjoyable though.  Even with winter just becoming spring, about to burst into life.

But was it to be a mantra, a picture drawn by self,  a prayer, or the. what I thought was an out of tune singing around the house that would be my way through.

Turns out the more singing I was involved in the better my voice sounded to others.  Especially with the sound technicians doing their things.

About that time, and a more recent prompt  was the reminder that God has all things in co9ntrol.  All it needs is the worldly form to connect to the highest energy form out  Remind that form of what they have promised. Then make way for His angels to grant that request.

Everyday people do every day things.  In contrast, people with a spark of lead potential need a challenge to take that spark further than they think possible.

Friday, 23 December 2022

Take All The Education You Can Get And Work With It

Take all the education you can get on the subject matter

last week the home maintenance man came through to check what was needed to start, work on and finish the list of jobs that were needed to do.

The things that were needed sort.  After all it was to be completed by the end of the year so time and specials were able to be used to purchase equipment/  Costs then were kept affordable as there purchase were spread over the year.

If someone wanted to set up a whose available check list

Simply combined the people were scarce around the valley who had the trade backgrounds this houses jobs required. Melbourne is expanding so much tradesmen are often not available for long periods of time.

Today is the day of the maintenance to the drain-pipe area between the walkway [ currently office, the bungalow and the green garden shed.

The requirement list set out 

One of the hardest things was finding someone who 

  • comfortably could work in that less than a meter gap. 
  • knew what they were doing. 
  • knew what the safety protects were to take.
  • got on with the job.
  • the two home dogs here are okay with the person being around me - right outside the office.
  • lastly that the maintenance person is light weight enough to walk on the roof of the walk way.
All these came into fruition one day as a person walked past and a hello was said. There was a time lapse though.

A Safety organised workspace set up completed
The area just out side the actual work space is already divided into different work sections.

The important thing is :
  • the electrify has a safety check switch adaptor connected into the wall socket.  
    • Outside electrical cords that were tidy and boxed are now in use.
  • The tools are nearby.
  • The equipment is right there on hand.
A blessing is that although the next few days are meant to rain non-stop this day is a beautifully sunny, a little balmy breeze just being there helps to keep things bearable. Australia's sun is harsh regarding sunburn.

The uniform worn is all covered. Including sunglasses and a sunhat.

With us, we include meals if wanted
Meanwhile lunch is being prepared.  The time to stop and eat is nearby.

This workman is invited to eat what is prepared.

It was not long before the home maintenance man was able to get on with the job.  Right now the down pipe is in place.  The guttering needs are actively being sorted. Soon the request for an extra pair of hands to hold a gutter in place will come along.

Be willing to take yourself on.
Systematically the thing man is outside sawing the wood for the guttering brackets to sit on.  With each cut the knowledge in my own head is that  by not learning the skill of home maintenance fix-ups at the highest possible end, there is now room for the online things to be completed for today.

Add to that that by asking, in total belief that this gutter maintenance job's time limit would be met, affordable and done by Christmas Day the biggest present to this house was able to be marked off the list is being achieved.

Hey not to worry there is still the rest of the list to go.

Be adaptable when you visualize the end product. 

Simply, take all the education you can get on the subject matter. Yet go with the flow towards that overall goal. You are going to attract just the people who believe in what needs to be done.  They know it can be done as they have the skills, tools, knowledge, time and abilities.

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Always Wanted To Be Creative On One Platform

 Some years ago

The internet started to go public. Admittedly that was a little before the computer crossed the path of a fourteen year old girl walking down the corridor of a friends house . The green letters glowed out of the cupboard and into the darkened  hall

Nearly thirty years later the computer burst into our lives as a handy tool to use.  Google, blogger, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter..

Arguably known as the most progressive

Now there are updates and new platforms opening all over the show. All tapping into trusts and the like unknown to their users.

Twitter had hit as close to rock bottom as a social site could go.  The times have changed but did the practices of marketing change with it?

Not really.  You see for a program to change they need to inter-grate everything at the very base level.

Make it as clear as it can be

Change includes the users knowledge basis.  The ability to improve, alter, change and action that knowledge.

To action that change one must first either find and experiment with the platforms new 'toy' or bring in knowledge, learning and practice to implement the changes from somewhere else.

The answer was rather surprising

Capitalizing on knowledge from several different sauces the Twitter posts had photos. Then there were the 10,000 character writings from behind the pictures. These pictures worked really well as a draw card alerting people to the story behind the pictures presence.

Prepped for success

The thing I love about these photos is that the uploading is simple. It's the naming of the photos that takes the time.

Also you have lots of creative ideas for other places to place these pictures, gifts and videos. Ultimately the way you name those photos  that suits the platforms is just brilliant.

By the way

There is a great reason why this basic systematic name of photos on Twitter phots

Sunday, 20 November 2022

There are days where a job needs to be started

 something will try to divert you!

Should you be called to do something quit mucking around. Just know something will defiantly need to be prepared for.

Then there are the times where to is known from the start just how far those perceived boundaries are flexible.

what outside?

Right now it is a miserable day outside.  Fine the weather pattern is not fantastic. The work outside means things getting wet.

But there is no need to go outside.

the space inside 

The office is clear and clean.  

what about the actual jobs inside

For a break the stock taken office items in the spare bedroom will continue to be sorted then get stocked in the office... or repacked and back into storage.

Cross this off the list. This is not an activity for today.

Decluttered mind

Two days ago an old Building had it's opening day.  The Hazelwood Hall s was the building that as a fairly new person into the community membership into the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District was accepted thirty odd years ago.

For the next very nearly twenty years this church was like a second home.

Two days ago a old church opened it's doors

As of Saturday the 17th  November 2022 this hall officially opened its doors to the public. Now the Hazelwood Hall has a small church in residence

Me, it was felt that I had now come home.   A place where it was easy to step up to and become a homebody part of.

There are many parts of healing.

Sometimes mean the jig saw puzzle's of life  need to be gently placed aside so that other things will now open up and be completed.

The brief time at this hall reminded the mind of a Bell Bird whose voice was also clipped due to the varnishing of the floor vapours.

What to now?

That has already been a promise to do. Today the 1,000 quotes has already started. Yesterday walking home in the rain it was realised the lady who sent out daily quotes was no longer doing so.  Hopefully it is that the Telstar staff whipped all the 30 years of telephone numbers when they were serving the phone.

Either way those bible quotes to the phone have disappeared.

Ministry comes in many ways

Late last week Pastor Steve from a Morwell Church made a statement about something else. "I hadn't thought of that Mission.

Today it clicked..

So, today the first of the email quotes has been created.

Friday, 18 November 2022

Letter to the Hazelwood Hall new Tenants


                                                                                                                19 October 2022

P.O. Box 169


Hello To Pastor Steve and the team at CRC Churchill

A few weeks ago there was a space in the schedule to pop down and visit.

From that meeting two things were ascertained 

1) the old challenge of water logging is still reverent.

2) Additionally the inability connect the front concrete pathway area to the parking space out the front.

As a representative of the previous leases please note the following.

3) When the hall was first built by the community members of Hazelwood, as now, the property belonged to the current owners... as a TRUST. for the people, by the people... see below.

A few pieces of quiet information to pass on

Which simply means the Trust looks/caretakes after property for the people.  But, on behalf of the people the users need to maintain the property.

As such the stipulation was, has been for as many years as I've known it to be, the property needs to be maintained only as it was originally. Basically, clean, neat tidy and in good repair.

This I see you have done.  With one exception... 

Hazelwood Hall  is not sinking of its own accord.  

In fact what is happening to this building points to ...the people responsible for caretaking of the driveways, parking areas, and road to the other buildings next door have all experienced road and ground maintained via the appropriate level of Federal or Council authorities.

The belief is that the Council do this maintenance on behalf of the Federal side of things.

There in lies a major challenge.  Over time the front parking area has been made taller. 

  • Drainage cannot happen 
    • unless it flows over into the farmland properties.  
      • This effectively means the Hazelwood hall sits passively in a water logged mote.

Solution.: involves both

   The planting of trees, or water loving shrubs, all around the fence lines.  Shrubs possibly best re removal permissions at a later date.

Open Area Fence lines

From the front door to the left where the big tree has been damaged. Near the Soccer club entrance drive.

 The on the left down to where the equivalent back fence is of the Hazelwood Hall/ farm land on the left facing the Hazelwood Hall.  The Soccer club actually had to ask the Hazelwood and Churchill District Leader for permission to park or hold actives of any sort on that land section.  

Reason for this were various Guide only activities.

Access to the Hazelwood Hall

Thus, the access from the higher parking area to the beginning of the old footpath  will be a disaster waiting to happen. this would include:

  • people on foot... especially lady's in heals.
  • pram wheels.
  • wheel chairs
Consequences come in the form of 

  • carpet repair, 
  • maintenance,
  • constant cleaning
  • stump / foundation issues and challenges.

The suggestion is to action a request to the land owner / trustee for the elevation of the currently used  entrance. This would mean  at least a 10 centimetre height addition.  To avoid a step up seek request of either

  • the Trustee's reduce the height of step down from the parkway out front. 
  • Alternatively  they, the Trustees place pipes to drain the water away from the moat.
  • Third option includes both of the above as well as concreting in  the gap, with additional ground  cover being provided . 
This would then raise the level 'back' up too the what would be a flat car park area into the Hazelwood Hall entrance way.

Solves all the challenges then as this when finalised will, without doubt, solve most of the ongoing issues.

Re keeping things as they were originally.

The old photos that were once viewed by myself had a pathway through the fence. The fence ran along the boundary thus stopping any 'air carriages' and livestock [namely horses or donkeys hitched to it] from entering the land and gardens. Plus over eating the greenery of the trees planted around the area.

The fence was white painted. Built as a farmer would have it... hitching rail type thick horizontal bars and down posts.

Given the 'height' of the parkway now out the front it would be a suggestion to action appropriate drainage requests from the trustees of the land being held for the actual owners of the land.  

The traditional owners of the land...Kurnai people 

This was ratified via correspondence that was signed sent out by the Trustees.  The basis of the wording referred to 'if the then principle tenants were no longer in use of the land.... then where would the ownership be placed.'

The answer was collectively sort. To the Guides here the answer was back to the to the Traditional owners of the land,  However, when further asked The verbal reply from the then elder-elders representative rejected/ did not want anything to do with the building, land etc.  

In conclusion, as a body there are a couple of places to seek assistance.  Everyone of the need to address the party responsible for raising the parking area out the front without proper removal of the trapped water behind the road maintenance and construction.

Hope this assists you and your teams 


Monday, 24 October 2022

This New Passion For Growing Artichokes

One goal behind this new passion for growing artichokes

For some they may feel like the new passion for growing Artichokes sprung out of nowhere. You want to learn grow the artichoke in pots as the soil is minimal, or the garden is small in size. But the challenge of the artichokes is now possible.

You want a wider garden experience 

As each new thing is a new learning challenge actually taking to others about their experiences becomes a Garden Adventure.

 In this post a small challenge this year was space, creation of space in the area set aside to plant, grow vegetables and just experience potted plants, along with a small compost laden growing area.

 New plant types is an out right challenge.

To know that what the biggest fear was is to be bulb less, even after a few years growth.

Get what you are doing right to grow the artichoke, then harvest that plant.  How to cook the artichoke?  What ingredients within recipes taste the best.

There is a passion for growing artichokes

This passion has been developed over the last one and a half years. In the spring nearly a year ago two Artichoke bulbs were purchased from a local garden nursery. Here these struggling Artichoke plants were treated as throw away stock

It was a case of quick, educate yourself 

Some really quick reading occurred. In stock was everything that was needed. Including compost ready to go into the large pot plant holders now covered with extra large, tough waterproof garden bags. Literally water these Artichoke plants back into life and living.

These have survived. 

But we had dreams of artichokes growing for years

More so than the garden critters who eat these plants. To walk out side and see the Artichoke leaves being stripped bare met with a snail and slug check. Sure enough  these were happily munching holes in the external leaves.  Not for long. The plants are now pest free as much as can be.

The extra care is worth it

The obvious is that these garden critters that had found a new abode, are now displaced. Any new snails and slugs who find these artichoke plants will also find some blue pellets as takeaways right next in the stem leaves base. Because these pellets are not animal consumption desirable a firm plastic netting has gone up around the Artichoke inner edge of pot plant containers.

Try before you buy process

If you see yourself as someone who is up to the challenge of experiencing new sensations both within your expanding vegetable garden you educate your palate. . Typically vegetable and fruit shops have Artichokes for sale. Have you thought of asking around, or advertising, or attending a garden produce swap meeting?

Create some outcomes

Have you what is needed for the Artichokes? Create some. Artichokes do take room and they love certain pH ranges. Know a recipe, plan the meal, have practice with shop purchased artichokes. Enjoy the comparison with your home grown  artichokes.    

You can do this

Write about the challenges that brings a smile into your day from anything while tending the seedlings, protecting the plants. Feeding the leaves the snails and slugs dinned on into the worm farm or compost bins.   The tools and experiences are there. Grown along the way.

Saturday, 8 October 2022

Parsley Butter has been created

The garden has many advantages

Some of which are you know what has gone into the food prepared, served and even stored.

Simple things within the kitchen and dietary applications are just there. Right at the finger tips. Yet most people would rather the added preservatives in their food.

Create the parsley butter

In this post there is a recipe for parsley butter.

  • 500 hg unsalted butter.
  • dash of rice oil.
  • dehydrated parsley / or chervil a dash of milk powder.
  1. Heat in pan all the ingredients.  Make sure the heat is a very low heat.
  2. Stir and turn off the heat. 
  3. Leave for a few hours so that everything is cool to touch.
  4. Now  blend with beater. The aim is to make the mix light a fluffy.
  5. Place in preserving jars. 
  6. The lid must be air tight. 
  7. Put container, with the ingredients in it, in fridge.
The recipe is a simple one. With results that just take a few minutes to finalize... once the mixture is cool to touch.

Notes to self.

The butter itself will last a while with refrigeration.  The dehydration process does alter the intensity of the flavour.

contrast people with a spark of lead potential

Just Create a list of 101+ outcomes . Typically include everything. Even things that somehow are to fit into that list.  When physically  me...