Sunday, 8 March 2020

Arrive In Perth Western Australia 2021

Arrive In Perth Western Australia 2021: This post is about how the date was decided.

Susan Lewis, Off on Adventures
Strange as it may seem it's truly a terrific feeling to share this decision along with all of its consequences. The ride over the next fifteen months is an exploration in itself. Let me share with you what actually occurred this morning. Come on in to this shock decision that has made a defining moment again in life.

Oh My I've done it now. 

It remains to be seen how this 'decisions frenzy' will play out in Perth, Western Australia 2021.

Have just gone onto plus1travel scrolled down to the bottom of the page and went... oh.  Promptly added some fly out and return dates.  Then went "Perth. Western Australia."

Celebration have just converged

And sat here looking at the dates.  Middle of 2021.  That will be the thirth-year [ and a few months] after the truck plowed into the vehicle I was driving.

Just this morning came the realization that the student loan will have finished about halfway through the year of 2021.

It looks like that specific two weeks away will be much appreciated.  Why? Because I've already hung my hat on that particular date.
Time to go back to Perth, Western Australia to see the massive gardens again
One of Perth's many gardens had this massive Aloe plant

Just the date of arrival has been decided

Most important I need a date to hang my implementation strategy trajectory celebration upon.

Unless I drive there which will take about five months.  The important thing is there is a date organized.  Should I fly it means coming back to Victoria straightaway afterward.

Should I drive the agenda is highly flexible.

Arrival in Perth

By plane:I will arrive in Perth Western Australia with the equivalent of one lightly packed backpack and that is it.
By vehicle: depends who is with me. One vehicle or one vehicle and trailer.

I have a suspicion I will be really proficient at using the trailer by the time of arrival.

Over the next few articles in this series the explorations of how to get to Perth will be shared.  At this moment the sneaking suspicion is that the vehicle and trailer will be going out for a drive one day.

Australia is a huge place so the intention is re the arrival back is when, and if, I do.  

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Take That Stand For The Life You Need To Create

Seriously how to become a blogger, near on full-time, took time to just workout. 

Counterbalance 'that need' with the passion behind delivering to people just what, and where, the Autism communication and behaviour management of other people occurred, and does occur in the future is an ongoing procedure.  Put me into a situation of arguments and the dreaded freeze creeps in.

To travel the world comes as an over sixty-year-old means to take the time to explore the continental shelf that I find myself on.  Australia.

 The posts are not about social media.  Nor are they about the advantages or disadvantages of social networking with a tight schedule.

The first steps for travel around Australia have started.

There are three projects
A healthy body [Physical Existance], mind [Mental Experience] and spirit [Meta Physical].
Okay, make that four: everyday assets [Investments]

The 4x4 Landrover Discovery, to say the least, is a few years old.  As an auspicious start, that to me means taking the time to sit down and update every hose and part therein before those parts become needed in a hurry.

So on the record so far there has been

  • an air filter
  • filter -oil spin on
  • 10w40 ss 2x 5ltr
  • P7 Brass hose joiner
  • worn drive s/s 9mm 16-27mm
  • 3/4 Pushlok Black Hose
One thing that was disturbing was that the mechanic found two 'clean-cut slices' on the petrol overflow tube. At the other end near the wall, there was a ... well, let's call this area 'fair wear and tear. " until the slashes were found.

That relentless gut feeling of something was not right there... It's times like this one really starts to reconsider the advisability of continuing to stay in the area where you have been for many years.

In a few weeks time, the next practical step is to allow time for the mechanic to meticulously create a shopping list.  Then sit with him as a step-by-step affordable budget is sorted out. As it was he showed me a little bulge within a hose that if there be excessive long trips in the meantime ....

And there is more to come before this older 'lady of the road' is ready for the road.

Meanwhile to master the clearance and removal of clutter has been packed with productivity.  Just one rubbish bin top-up every two weeks.  The two weeks is because the appropriate rubbish bins are collected here every two weeks.

The practical side is the relentless removal of this one at a time clearance has gone through to other things.  Like the clothes that used to fit me are nearing the 'Oh heck it is falling downstage'.    I mention this as with less material per clothing article there is more room to store something else.

That's me.  Mums also coming along. So she too is doing the same.

Currently, the dogs [ seventeen-years old] practically claim that spare space for themselves.

At the beginning of this post, you will have read about the desire to become a full-time blogger. To travel Australia is a matter of a person literally 'expecting nothing', but being prepared for everything. 

No matter what take that growth trajectory that will put you there. Don't hold back on yourself. Before, during and even after that trips section Take the time to explore. 

Move from one place to the next. Find out about that place. Where the locals know off.  People talk on the road.  In times of dire decision [ turn left or right] simply toss a coin. Go, if need be, the other way!

Challenge your resoursefull self today.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Gormandale, a part of the Strzelecki Ranges

As the organizational guru [ and the one with the vehicle] there are times when my mother and I venture out.  The love of the outdoors, the greens of fields, bush life and country people are a huge attraction

We no longer have children to organize our daily lives around. Therefore when the opportunity comes to combine both business and pleasure we slot it into the activities and off we go.

Each one of us has our own life.  

However, the trips away from our homes are made fun with exploring the places either one of us has passed through, stayed for a few hours or managed to stay overnight at.

Gormandale has been all these things. 
This summer has been drastic all around Victoria.  The eight months of fires have altered much of the peoples thinking patterns.  Many blame things on climatic changes.   Some have seen these things happen before.  The recovery rates in people's minds push through from the community infrastructure.

Let's look at Gormandale

Gormandale lies in the Merrimans Creek Valley area.  Right amongst the rural community that has abundant native flora and fauna. 

In 2020 an emergency warning came through the Vic Emergency Incidents and Warnings site.  The fire warning was then listed as small.

Years ago when Gormadale was visited there were such prolific flora and fauna everywhere.

The vineyards spread out gloriously.

20 minutes away the Tarra Bulga National Park was there to be enjoyed.  A few friends and I took my mum with us.  Rather than leave her behind out came the scooter. Then we reassembled the scooter pathways were chosen.

The bushwalking and bird watching went at a smooth pace.

In Gormanadale the community house 

The management committee has set out to help people recognize their personal spaces with a woodwork shed and associated community garden.

Great variety of workshops and classes aligned with the interests of people in the community.

Active community with three activities just in March alone.

  • Homemade Zucchini Pickles workshop
  • Social Soap Makers reunite
  • Garden Working bee
Previous interests shown are
  • The Dividing and repotting of Orchids
  • Cookie Bake and take
  • Kids movie night
  • Car Boot sale
  • Chainsaw training and assessment
  • Kids disco
  • Fitness class
  • China Painting
  • Welcome breakfast
  • Christmas wreath making
  • Seniors group
  • Library service
  • Bees Wax Wraps and Candles Workshop

Gormandale is here.

Southeast of Traralgon  Gormandale lies past Loy Yang.  Further south of Gormandale is Willung South and then Carrajung


Central Gippsland  - inspired by Central Gippsland, Victoria

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Gut Felt Preplanning Issues Make Total Sense

The majority of the time spent before trips are the preplanning issues. Listen to those gut felt preplanning issues. Make total sense of checklists, tools carried. maps and GPS. Emergency procedures. Insurance.  The list of things just get bigger.

 'Row the boat, sail the boat, flight bags, and tags. One-stop, two or three. Add the extra days on to the main trip or include these as part of the trip. '

Alternately do you listen to that gut feeling?

 Only to alter the time table. Feel perplexed and annoyed with your self.

Then realize that for some reason this will all turn out for the better. In 1991 as the key went in the ignition there was a hesitation. A don't and yet the choice was made to pull forward.  Impact by a truck plowing through the passenger side of the van.

Take notice then action 

Since 2011 its been I need to leave this town. By the end of 2011 floods were where my father was.  Massive floods raised the Thames river and everywhere was flooding.

So you do what comes naturally.  Send a message to someone you've never really met in person.  Skype was new.  We had Skyped a few times.  Compared notes on what was happening social media-wise the middle of the 2000s and nothing more.  But the name was there and contact made.  Yes, it was wet.

The return of the call resulted in a touch base friendship

By mid-January 2012 the message received was along the lines of  "Susan! Are you okay"  We were now having massive floods.  Thus the power of the internet was learned.

The important thing has been there is a trip about to be sorted.

That trip will use all the things previously learned in so many different areas throughout life.

Sort out the itinerary

One of these is the usefulness of prebooking and sorting out the flight plans.  Up to, onboarding and by the time the place to put down the head has been reached.

Added Value simple possitive relatistic thoughts
Add in All the Positive, realistic thoughts
To do this with full meaning coming up is a large series of past trips.   The aim is to share with you, the reader what has been learned through hiking, camping, tramping, traming, car, bus and train rides.  And yes the plane flights that lead up to the flight to England and back.

Hop on for the ride that meanders through time only to bring you, the reader into that 'now' space all of your own.

Change inducing travel.

Travel means a variety of communities. Online, offline.  Leave information.  Success leaves footprints.  Write, post, take photos, Share-online. 
Article in newspapers travels magazines.  Become known.  Make yourself known. Introduce yourself as someone who cares to share that community presence to the world.

Keep in touch with people. Think you can handle being that awesome.  Then make contact and start here.    Your reply will get to you where ever you are in your travels. 

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Life Moves Through Into The Next Cycles

Interesting things happen as life moves through into the next cycles.

As a child the dream as to be an air hostess.  That dream changed when a grandmother put forward the idea of professionally caring for others.  The beginning of choosing second best maybe that became such a habit until recently the determination to break through self-imposed barriers came to the front.

When a young adult the need to travel was still there.  Next was the travel with the husband. Then the family. 

This is Susan's life.  Susans off on adventures now. Slowly that need keeps growing

Pitstop number one has just been entered.

The letter interpretation that came the other day.  "Susan don't you dare give up.  You keep going forward.  You have come too far doing what you are doing to do anything else other than what you set out to do."

That's one part of the market when you start off on your adventures.

Next came that having qualified at something that meant Officially I was a professional. ' Heck that came as a shock..... thirteen years later.

And then came a Wow it's here that moment in time realization.

Mad dash into the brain waves and there it was. Seamed so sudden.  Several things collod9ong together.

Long-time ago dreams and aspirations are working their way into truth facts.

Already superimposed images of vision from dreams long ago are here. Amazing how life moves through into the next cycles.


Friday, 20 September 2019

Thrown In The Deep End. Be Open To Receive Solutions

Oh is there freedom in the decision once made.

There happened to be a challenge.   The winner is not decided yet.

While looking after a relatives house it appears there is definite room to improve with a tenant and maintenance.

Then the roof leaked.

 Currently, the land agent is seeking quotes

The exploration as to what is lying behind the leak could be as simple as taking the apple tree down.  Falling apples crack roof tiles.  Could it be this?

Leaves in the gutter - they have been removed.  Add to this the tree definitely needs removal.    It's not little and is about 50 years old.

 Each step of the way there is that easy part.

Whereas next year the travel started now the travel far and wide may be taking on a different concept.

One where the local spots are visited.

Meanwhile, the travel partner, my mum, turns eighty-four.  A step ladder is utilized to get into the 4x4 discovery unless the vehicle is parked near a curb.

I turn Sixty towards the end of this year.

There was the freedom to choose adventure.  Well the adventure has been modified
The suggestion is that the tenant is rehoused, the renovation building works and upgrades get done.

But thankfully let's sort out for you what needs to be repaired.

Got to a point where I chose to smile [ instead of cry.]

Interestingly that decision opened the way for solutions.  Positives jumped over themselves to arrive in a list.  

Lists though are made of words.  So the pictures drawn have an incredible effect.  A few days ago the picture for the day shows me with a figure.  That lead to the disappearance of food cravings that had sugar within them.  You know the nice sugar or cream ingredients.

Last night it was eight points to focus on.  Three were chosen.  One a further faith choice. The other two have already begun to occur. Today when waking up, several files within the brain had connected. Different tracking system measures had sorted themselves out.

Refuel means time alone.

There is enough energy within me to just write this post and head off for asleep.

But thats how a deep-Post Traumatic Shocked brain tends to sort things out.  One aspect at a time. Then divert while mentally rearranging everything.  Have free time.

What is damaged is not traveling with us

The decision to move the much-reduced house of stuff ... has been the right one.  Instead of everything into a big shed and paying storage.... its everything into a big shed [ the one on the property] and the house mortgage gets paid off for the owner...... But not as rent through the agency.
One room at a time
Looks like there is an urge to redo everything within the house.

One room at a time.  Starting with the ceiling and rebating.  The architraves and wall panels, Electrical cables.pannel at a time.  Knock out the walls to the shower and redo that as well while there is a great access point.

Turn the bath around 90 degrees.  Add the washing machine and dryer. Change the plumbing arrangements. Add in heater lamps.

Be bold enough to allow the facelift to begin.

Change the sad home into a home with happiness within.  Again this is weird as the front door refurbishment was drawn last week.

Refurbishment means materials.  Auctions are a fantastic place for refurbishment materials.  That means travel.  Overnight to get there and overnight again to come back here.

Again a solution just arrived.

The house yard has high walls.  I know two of the neighbors.  The dogs can have dry food dog food dispensers.  These two dogs are already used to the property as they were brought up there.

Items purchased have a place to be stored.

The tools are already there.
And I can cheat and drive up. Disconnect the trailer. Reposition things. Voila, he vehicle also has a home.

Meanwhile, while all this sorting out, renovations and s forth are happening...mum can have her store that she can sell things from.

Arrive In Perth Western Australia 2021

Arrive In Perth Western Australia 2021: This post is about how the date was decided. Susan Lewis, Off on Adventures Strange as it may...