Today is the 19th of May 2019.  Looking in the local Latrobe New's edition was an article of a lady who in order to raise awareness for the Post Traumatic Trauma of the Mental Health issues she walked around Victoria.  Australia.  Complete with a crew and a motorhome.

Over the last few years, the adventures that I, Susan Lewis, have been having as the deep post-traumatic shock has finally begun to wear down has made me incredibly aware of what is just not happening.

As awareness grows let's move forward

A friend in New Zealand pointed out that to the extent of the Dr's knowledge and specialty the treatments for 'whatever" are given.  Point to note here if there is a challenging financial 'drain' patient that by all natural means would have passed on years ago suddenly a team of inexperienced 'professionals' turn up.  Whatever memories and conclusion you are experiencing at this point are your and yours alone to share where appropriate.  This post h…

April 14th 2019 count down has begun

Amazing what a different day brings

Twenty-eight years ago I arrived at this house.  And planted a plum tree.
Brought down from the great Southern Alpine region very near the actual snow sky resorts mountains.
The town was Bendoc in Victoria.  The house no longer stands. But until a few days time this tree standing.
Then it, and a few willows, also come down. Currently, the land here has to be cleared and given back in the order it was first rentedin. That is there were a few trees and some grass.
Well, a leftover from stepping up and going to England occurred... it opened a can of travel lust. That also means taking my mother around Australia. Mum is eighty-three and has not seen much of Victorian let alone Australia.

Actually thinking about this the trip around Australia was again made last year.
Mums house will house a couple of boxes of stiff.  The rest will be gone before next months over. A family member is in mums house.
So there's one car, two dogs and two people.
The dog…
England was a place of so many contradictions that it seems confusing at first.  Mind you that could also be because it took over fifty-nine years to arrive there.

Yes, the flight from Melbourne to England took people backward in time.  Additionally, it also made sure you were able to spend the longest night awake... watching the land far below and the temperature outside dropped to minus 65 deg C.

Something i would not like to be outside of was the warmth in the plane.  Yet way down below tended to look like someone had layered icing on a smooth surface then hacked and chopped plus smoothed out the surface.  This was what the mountains and valleys looked like as the plane flew below the Pakistan mountain ranges.  Less than 24 hours before a jet had landed on the wrong side f the border.

Thankfully the planes took this as a terrific way for people like myself to just see a really new way to get through the rugged countryside. 

Great big ice lakes that began to take on the form of tof…

Get Out There Make Mistakes

Get out there make mistakes. Learn from them. Build on the new experiences  Exploring the Australian Continent is a huge adventure in the making. 

In this post Susan Lewis shares with you one such incident. The incident has lead through a domino effect of learning and relearning.

Simply not thinking about double checking a date lead into some interesting learning curves. Although in the video the experience relates to Digital Learning the message still is effective.  As stated learning can be where, anytime and any thing ! Susan's latest topic range being organizing the stream lining  of  'affiliate marketing cognitive basis' learning.  Surprisingly many of these areas kept popping up during the months both pre- and -post the Momentum Day in 2018.

Go Get Out There Make Mistakes

Without further ado, just get out there and make mistakes.  Learn from those mistakes. Learning from mistakes takes a certain state of mind. As seen in  the video called "Challenge yourself t…

Up Early Thinking Peace

Surprisingly the need to re-energize in the morning had surfaced. Leading up to the exploration of travel again the 2014 trip to Sydney had surprising revelations. These covered things like the intense need to just be by myself.

In this post Susan Lewis takes you through her steps of having  a familiar routine whilst travelling.  A 'let your hair down, relax and all is well routine to seek that inner peace.

 These early times were accompanied by the dog left in my care. You know...... mum I want that puppy and a few years later "Mum will you look after the dog. I've got to work early and am too tired...." So the dog and I would go on long walks early morning and evening. In between there was the disturbed sleep patterns.

 Experiencing these frequent mental blowout while learning a whole heap of just randomized information and down the emotions would go.

 Walking every possible time during the day brought up these emotional thresholds. Took only a few days to …

You Raise Me Up To A Better Performance

Choose wisely the options has been a cautions of people since Eve wanted more knowledge than she though was every possible. That there were offshoots of that knowledge just keeping on coming through was an unforeseen thing. So when Geoffrey stands on stage and states he's lonely and wants a dog... his parents stand in the sidelines unable to do more than look on.

Now Simon and Gefferory are looking for a dog. Is the house big enough. Does the house have a "no dog policy" and the parents need to get a bigger one [ house not dog]
Similarity was I the same when nearly twenty years ago all that was wanted was to be able to communicate better with the parents of a Girl Guide Unit here in [then] rural Victoria, Australia.
From that came the online quest to search for information. Now those days the information was like hard to read. Minds full of coding had written the sentences. My mind is visual and was not coding comprehending related.
Facebook then tended to…

Up Life Is A Risk

What is amazing about life is that sometimes you hear a sentence and wonder how in the world you chose for something to happen to you.

In this post Susan Lewis  takes you back half a lifetime because of a chance comment that just did not make sense at the time. Yet that comment hung around annoying her.

Four years ago the statement was made that the truck running through the van I was driving was my choice.  What? That did not make sense.  At least until today.  This post will fill in some background as to why that statement now makes sense.

A ghost of the past has now been able to actively be laid to rest.  Welcome to a part of her story.  May the end result help you with your own challenges as you get ready of go off on adventures of your own.
Then we woke up. Life is a risk worth doing.
It started sometime in 1981 when as a couple we were working out where our life would then head.  What followed was a purchase of a piece of land in the Lake Okareka district of Rotorua.

We both wan…