Wednesday, 12 September 2001

Kings. Queens and one Abbey in Reading, England

 King Henry I of England built Reading Abbey to be his final resting place. Even after 18 months later the pomp and ceremony that would have gone on through the abbey is felt half a world away.

Although convoluted that all important history was beginning to make sense. Wikipedia sure has some interesting stuff in charts there

Here's the important parts. Initially three Houses family trees ended up co-joining The house of wessex and then the House of Knytlinga.  

Edward the II [ known as Ironside] died somewhere about 1016. This Edward II had married Ealdgyth  [c 992 and  who is looked after two children after the death of Edward II]
  1. Alfred The Great  : King of Wessex [b 849- d901] - 871 -899 married Ealhswith [d 902]
    1. A iterate King of Wessex from 871
    2. During the rein encouraged Christianity
    3. Introduced the Law Code.
      1. With translation from the Ten Commandments
        1. Exodus 21 - 23
        2. Acts 15:23-29
        3. Majority of people who could understand this Law Code were the educated clergy
      2. .
    4. .

  2.  Edward the elder
    1. Eldest Son of Alfred the Great 
      1. Date of Death: 17 July 924. 
    2. Edward the Elder had three wives in total.
      1. Ecogwyn
        1. Aethelstan 
          1. King of the English c 893/895 (24-) 927-939
            1. This line died out
        2. .
      2. Aelifflaed
      3. Eadgifu of Kent
        1. Edmond 1
          1. Married AElfgifu of Shaftesbury Saith Elgiva
          2. Married Athelflaed of Damerhaam
            1. No recorded children

  3. Edmond AEtheling [c1015 / 1017   before 1054]
  4. Edward the Exile [1016 -1057]
    1. Edward the Exile married Agatha [before 1030-after 1070]
      1.     Three children we born
        1. EdgarII [the AEtheling. King of England [c1051 - 1066 - 1120] 
        2. Cristina [d c 1100] 
        3. Margaret of Scotland [c1045 to 1093]
  5. Margaret of Scotland married Henry I King of England [c1068- 1100-1135]

  6. .

That's were this all has become really interesting  as the House of Normandy has started.
Now enter the AElfflaed -Wife of the English King Edward The Elder


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