Sunday, 3 March 2002

Science as a kid was fun but always a challenge

As a child and young adult science practical was fun. 

Balloons flew everywhere. Helium had voice box fun sounds to be made. Marbles and metal balls created visual solar systems. Plants were pollinated by hand. Seeds developed.  

By the next year those seeds were gathered for spring time planting and autumn harvesting the following year.

In this post there is a progressive natural selection happening through different stages of a life. 

The main thing was change was evolutionary 

So to has been what developed into a whole lot of different phases of interest.  Bolstered by family great-grand parents, and grand parents hands on gardening knowledge. Different environmental, and technological situations 

Yet when the herbs and food on the table began to change there was a period of time of great wonder.

From full time workers to split 'shifts of parenthood' 

  Mostly this started to occur at four primary times in life with other important parts included. The change was either radically fast, or wonderingly slow and convoluted.

These were effectively as a
  1.  teen ager having to cook meals for siblings.
  2.  partner and then wife.  Where add hours and shift work were hazard's to planned meals.
  3.  pregnancy and mother hood
  4. Moving to Australia from New Zealand.
  5. as a result of relearning everything again because a truck impacted into the vehicle  and memory loss was extreme for years.
  6. now there was time to grow a garden/ run the chocks... for survival and fresh food.
  7. shifting into another state [ i.e. Bendoc, New South Wales to Churchill, Victoria, Australia]
  8. becoming responsible for children and adults on organised camps.
  9. libraries had internet access... newsletters for the leadership team needed to be printed.
  10. the internet was more easily available ... once there were computers in the house
  11. changes in family structure as children moved away
  12. there was time now to write these adventure blogs of life and the living of those opportunities
  13. older members of the families needs.

On the flip side there are positives

Strangely enough things happen in life that you need to humble yourself to rather than fight the flow
  1. Hang on I was now classified as an older member of the community  
  2. The house at number 19  took three years to move out of.  The mind is an amazing thing when grief, trauma and familial loss is involved. These boiled down to trees of thirty years  being chopped down. Either burned or carted away farm.
  3. Six months after two other family members moved in I actually got there to number 14. After all that although I've just moved in less than a minute away from the rented place now I'm here in a family members home.
  4. This place was a mess of blackberries, vines and passionfruit or ivy.  Ongoing and  [ still being dealt with]
  5. now there was a garden of my own that I could do anything I wanted too to.  Be it in the little ground available or on the concrete in large pots.

Here's the most important part...

Simply having the time to research, make notes, write the blog posts here and would you believe write something that helps people smile as the door inside there head starts relating what they read here, into their own life.

Science as a kid was fun, but always a challenge, a fresh challenge of compiling and sharing this information has arrived.

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