Thursday, 2 January 2003

The French Parsley called Chervil

 Early this year was the first time Chervil was grown in the garden.  The real reason was the seed packet was mixed up at the store.  So as not to go back again this little plant that superseded all expectations was actually planted.

There are three flat leaves on each stalk. The branches are more elongated than the 'normal parsley though.  Bushy as a plant in itself Chervil loves a semi-shady spot

As it growns fairly well here. Especially being fenced off from the dogs . The tendency to pick, wash and just chew it through out the times when past.  The flavour has been described both as a liquorice taste, or  as having a gently, aniseed flavour.

Naming the Chervil

 Either was the Greeks name for Chervil is 'chaerophylion. Looked upon as a herb for rejoicing.  The happy herb.

The anatomical name is Anthtiscus cerefolium. 

Due to stinking hot weather, and a lawn mower episode  

Unfortunately the person doing the mowing was not a gardener.  The lawn mower chewed the initial plants up.  However, after a few days the leaves and branches grew again.  Of course slightly smaller is diameter. 

Accidents happen. Lessons are learned ... next time Chervil is grown there will  be a dehydrator used to will fill up jars of this beautiful herb. The French parsley called Chevril.

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