Sunday, 12 October 2014

One Dream One Focus One Flow Of Energy

Scattered emotions, different trains of thought. Pulled about here and there sure sucks. Add to this peoples interference with your mindset.

Think about what you last achieved.  Not the little steps along the way.  That day you decided... I'm going to... Then set about to achieve that one thing. 

Use 'Reach Out To Life's Adventures' as a good example.  Within the video below listen to the points explained.

Sure! Following these principles to get to England only took a few months. But did it really? 

No. To get to England took a combined effort of smaller steps.  

Search this blog for Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Bendoc, Wollongong, Cloverleigh, Canberra, Bega, Lakes Entrance, Sale, Bairnsdale, Leongatha, Inverlock. And yes England.

These are still smaller steps of the big picture. When writing this these smaller steps are just the start of travelling though 'every' small country town in Australia. 

The aim is to 'cover those miles with smiles.' Meeting people, recording their most magnificent smile associated stories.

A SMILE 4 U Today.... One Dream. One Focus. One Flow Of Energy

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