Sunday, 1 November 2015

Capture the true magnificance Of Lakes Entrance

Experience the richness of each sunset. lakes Entrance has a special place in people's hearts.  Right on the sea, there's a small island just off the southern side of the harbor.  

Walk over to Bass Straight 

Approach this quiet place via the footbridge and enjoy the ninety-mile beach stroll.  Just remember the sunglasses even during the winter,.

From the footbridge turn to the west in the morning and capture the sunrise. The opposite in the evening.

Lakes Entrance is one of those special places
True magnificence is  the sunset at Lakes Entrance
Lakes Entrance sits just nestled in the inlet therefore much of the South Pole winds race by.

The fishing boats land there with their load and into the commercial Fisherman's freezers the fish go.

The dogs and I were able to visit many places. 

The trip walking from the center of town out to the Bass Straight area only took twenty-five odd minutes.  Remember to take the waste bags with you as they probably will be needed!

Whats Lakes Entrance as a town really like? 

Over the years of either passing through, staying for a week with friends, or just visiting for the day the people were friendly and the town tidy.

As though it knew the visitors were a regular source of income, the festivals such as the New Years' Eve extravaganza have been fun to see, and explore.

Must admit the ice cream shop was terrific.

During the course of your stay 

Have strong feelings about the feel of the salty air, the nearness to the Souther Strezlecki rangers, The waterways, beautiful parks, and just the fresh air.

Being the coastal town it is the flamboyance of many tourist attraction towns seems to have swept bye. The people enjoy the extra activities, clean up, get ready for the next one.  And go about their lives in-between.

Lakes Entrance area code is 3909
-37.871987, 148.002335

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