Friday, 1 September 2017

Move Over The Cockatoos Are In Morwell Town

At times the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos come down in one landing area. This time it was in Mid Valley suburb of Morwell, Victoria, Australia.  

The times I've seen this many in a town usually herald a come together for the resource of food when food is for some reason scarce. The area you see here is right near a fast food center.  After these birds left the area that was one clean piece of land.

This particular area was on the western side of Mid-Valley shopping center.

There were trees near the railway line, and across the main road that go through Morwell.

What was interesting was there seemed to be different bird groups that come together as one huge community.

What was really interesting was to read that the Cacatua galerita  [ Sulphur Crested Cockatoo]  are considered winners at urbanization. Where we lived in Bendoc there were sometimes mixing of the black and while featured Cockatoos.  Bendoc was small and around where we lived were pine trees.  And Gum Trees.  The mixing considered of these are our trees and those over there are your trees.

However, when common disturbances and threats were seen these bird flew as one flock.

What the Cockatoos s show people, should they be willing to see, is that even a bird brain recognises the there is powerful connectivity within integrated communities.  They sure made a heck of a noise. But they flew as one.

Footnote: Another time this actually was seen was in Churchill during the 2019/2020 summer bush fires. 

The fact that most of the wood and forest lands were going up in smoke left no food and lots of birdlife raiding food anywhere.

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