Thursday, 30 November 2017

Touch Points Of Peace And Quiet Among the Plants

Perth. A place of quiet sanity.

Mixed of course with organisation, accompanied with anticipation of meeting people.  Some could not make it I later found out.

As the days of cut down exploration did roll out there was a need to just find somewhere
 and enjoy touching base again.

Is that really a flax plant.

The answer was unknown.  The thing is that was was surprising were the depth of care these small drop in areas were.

Scattered all over the suburbs near the town center itself were places just to sit and spend time... among the flowers

Yet there it is... still unnamed as the pen and paper was left behind.

Lesson learned... Use a note on the phone, tablet, or iPad things just to scribble which plants are what off the well labeled signage mentions near by!

Yes, should you know what this flower is called. The uses for the plant as a while.  Then please leave comments.

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