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Up Life Is A Risk

What is amazing about life is that sometimes you hear a sentence and wonder how in the world you chose for something to happen to you.

In this post Susan Lewis  takes you back half a lifetime because of a chance comment that just did not make sense at the time. Yet that comment hung around annoying her.

Four years ago the statement was made that the truck running through the van I was driving was my choice.  What? That did not make sense.  At least until today.  This post will fill in some background as to why that statement now makes sense.

A ghost of the past has now been able to actively be laid to rest.  Welcome to a part of her story.  May the end result help you with your own challenges as you get ready of go off on adventures of your own.
Then we woke up. Life is a risk worth doing.
It started sometime in 1981 when as a couple we were working out where our life would then head.  What followed was a purchase of a piece of land in the Lake Okareka district of Rotorua.

We both wan…