Thursday, 17 May 2018

Up Life Is A Risk

What is amazing about life is that sometimes you hear a sentence and wonder how in the world you chose for something to happen to you.

In this post Susan Lewis  takes you back half a lifetime because of a chance comment that just did not make sense at the time. Yet that comment hung around annoying her.

Four years ago the statement was made that the truck running through the van I was driving was my choice.  What? That did not make sense.  At least until today.  This post will fill in some background as to why that statement now makes sense.

A ghost of the past has now been able to actively be laid to rest.  Welcome to a part of her story.  May the end result help you with your own challenges as you get ready of go off on adventures of your own.

Then we woke up. Life is a risk worth doing.
It started sometime in 1981 when as a couple we were working out where our life would then head.  What followed was a purchase of a piece of land in the Lake Okareka district of Rotorua.

We both wanted to travel to South Africa. We started saving. Uping the game along came a multi-level company.  Wow now that was incredible.  We could help people and then while traveling there would be opportunities to help others while learning  traditional ways of healing around the world.

Two unexpected things then happened. A carpentry business was purchased and we agreed to wait a few more years. I would do the office work and not pick up a hammer!

Subsequently, somewhere around then I changed my job as an application to go into a profession came through. So I started training with a two-part plan to go into Registered Nursing.

Just about simultaneously pregnancy was confirmed.  This was terrific as it also was accommodated in the two-part plan.

Wise up life is a risk!
What neither of us realized was the slashing extent of a customer not paying would have.  So we worked to pay everything off.  In New Zealand you, the contractor were responsible for the sub-contractors costs.  At the time while I did eight-hour shifts on and had eight hours off [ minus travel and sleep time] and back to work again this went on for months. Meanwhile, he did two different jobs.  The finishing jobs before and after the normal eight-hour carpentry job.

Together the decision to sell the land was made.  Turns out that the person we sold the land to was related to the person who used the loan they had taken to pay our carpentry business for the additions made to their home. This person than on sold that land for over ten times the amount they paid for it. Needless to say, we were not impressed.  And two years later managed to finally pay everything owing and walked away from the business with $180.00 owning to us from a sale of a typewriter.\

Ray had had enough.  We were going to Australia.  Actually so eloquently put: I'm going to Australia you coming?"  Well we had enough money for Ray,  or his tools to go to Australia. So the tickets for Ray to go to Australia were paid for.

Life is beautiful when you tap into the Universal Laws.  Along came the money owing with an explanation... the expected money from a deceased estate settlement had been held up.  Since we had left with no forwarding address this friend of ours had kept hunting for us. The check sent was just enough to get those work tools packed and sitting in the metal trunk over to Australia.

Cheer Up Life is a risk, Living that life has been worth it.

Thirty years later many of those electrical tools have worn out. But the ones from Rays grandfather, and father are still prized possessions. Actually, the truck sits a few meters away from me.  In which are other prized positions.  Filled with things from when our children were small.

Time has a strange way of moving on.

In the beginning of this post, there is a statement  about choosing something to happen to you that did not make sense. The analogy to the "you chose for this to happen to you " has came as a relief.

As an adult you choose to gain your driver's license.  As soon as you do this you are choosing to take a risk.  Just the same as baking a cake.  The ingredients may mix well together. That mix  may cook well. The cake may get eaten.

Simultaneously, life is a risk.  Take the actions needed to learn the lessons. Make the risks worthwhile.

Move forward and Up. Life is a risk. Go enjoy the life you have.
Where do we stand today?

To say that a lot of minimization within both of our lives has occurred. Let's leave it to other posts further along for you to find out would be fair.

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