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You Raise Me Up To A Better Performance

Choose wisely the options has been a cautions of people since Eve wanted more knowledge than she though was every possible. That there were offshoots of that knowledge just keeping on coming through was an unforeseen thing. So when Geoffrey stands on stage and states he's lonely and wants a dog... his parents stand in the sidelines unable to do more than look on.

Now Simon and Gefferory are looking for a dog. Is the house big enough. Does the house have a "no dog policy" and the parents need to get a bigger one [ house not dog]
Similarity was I the same when nearly twenty years ago all that was wanted was to be able to communicate better with the parents of a Girl Guide Unit here in [then] rural Victoria, Australia.
From that came the online quest to search for information. Now those days the information was like hard to read. Minds full of coding had written the sentences. My mind is visual and was not coding comprehending related.
Facebook then tended to…