Thursday, 21 June 2018

You Raise Me Up To A Better Performance

Choose wisely the options has been a cautions of people since Eve wanted more knowledge than she though was every possible. That there were offshoots of that knowledge just keeping on coming through was an unforeseen thing. So when Geoffrey stands on stage and states he's lonely and wants a dog... his parents stand in the sidelines unable to do more than look on.

Now Simon and Gefferory are looking for a dog. Is the house big enough. Does the house have a "no dog policy" and the parents need to get a bigger one [ house not dog]

Similarity was I the same when nearly twenty years ago all that was wanted was to be able to communicate better with the parents of a Girl Guide Unit here in [then] rural Victoria, Australia.
From that came the online quest to search for information. Now those days the information was like hard to read. Minds full of coding had written the sentences. My mind is visual and was not coding comprehending related.

Facebook then tended to be similar. Pinterest ame along. And in come the rise of the woman folk online. 

Some say A Person Action Show Mindset Blocks
Did I rise? What I was doing got more and more, but no, the rising did not occur. Kinda like leaven bread verses risen bread. Mentally that 'inner needs' diet had not changed. Some call it a comfort zone.
You see there was a mind set block. I believed what people had told me. The brain is like that. The brain absorbs everything. Fact / fiction and anything in between.
To be outwardly good at what you do still left room for what am I doing here times.
One day I came across an email. The rest is history you say.
No. That email lead me through marketing videos. How long had attempts at marketing the Girl Guides locally been going on? Alternatively the more youth we had the more money had to be found to pay the bills. The people in the area had become so use to free government handouts after the devastating fires and mine closures around the Latrobe Valley... well Girl Guides was the same right? No it was not! We all had to work together to find ways of raising the membership for others. Camp costs, hall and maintenance costs.
Mothers used the games activities, cake and other recipes for their children's parties. However, everywhere the often hidden culture was that of total distrust of other people especially the neighbors. Therefore no-one wanted to work together. Often as there were legal restrictions unknown and unacknowledged between families.
Until yesterday I had not realised my call to actions were just a puff of wind quiet request in a culture that had people not answering doors in case they were served with a legal document or similar.
Last night I was explaining to another member of the community that on a video conference early in the morning a YouTube add had been checked into . The suggestion was to go through everything and finally look at the call to action. Was the call to action a call to action. Something to raise people's attention up to a beneficial choice made. 

At the start was the vision as clear?
It's when I gave the analogy of fishing. The worm goes on the hook. Now if the worm does not move the fish looks and wonders what to do. Tis is a hook. A hook is a shiny object that catches the fishes eye. The fisherman jangles the hook. The worms hanging on for dear life knowing one snaps and its gone. In comes a fish opens its mouth and the hooks in the mouth. The fisherman yanks the line and the rest is probably history.
The difference to the hook words and the call to action words is that compelling recognition action direction need to 'press the link'. 

Geoffrey wanted to sing a song. Your raise me up. Geoffrey needed a something to achieve that goal. The vision of a dog for company outweighed even Simon choosing the dog. out weighted the fact that his parents had probably said no to the dog. Geoffrey nailed that song. Simon assisted Geoffrey to make the choice through dangling the hook in the water. Watch Simons small call to action gain a reaction by Geoffrey as the songs power escalated.

Yes the call to action was an action trigger. Yet the real choice came from with Geoffrey as Geoffrey rose up to a better performance.
What Simon did for Geoffrey the community I am in is doing for many other people than myself.
Love it that you have made a comment below. Comments about what pushes your mind to accept change factors today are especially welcomed.

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