Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The World Has Just Opened Up To Explore Now

The world has changed.  Just through the decision to go over to England that world that was a normal for life as it was has expanded.

Older visions to travel the world with freedom of choice have spurted forth new growth.

These thoughts have continued into creating a thinner 'Self". A leaner fitter self.   To be in a place where that me will have the inner comfort of sharing the simplicity of a choice  The choice in this case is to just travel. Fairly certain that there will be adventures along the way.

A few years ago now the book read was of a man in a sea-kayack launched off and to the right of Australia. That was his circumnavigation route. 

The route for this travel bug is how many overnight stays / free camp sites are there in and around Australia.

The set up being basic.  One vehicle and one trailer. One small pink cover easily set up.  Between then and now there is a massive sort out of camping gear to go through.

Reason for this exploration is yet to be found.  That stated, there is an assiduity that when the eyes are open, the reason will be there.

Cutting Out The Blackberry

 Careful when the feet land on the property around the corner.   Horribly there is a huge growth of blackberries that have never been there ...