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Get Out There Make Mistakes

Get out there make mistakes. Learn from them. Build on the new experiences  Exploring the Australian Continent is a huge adventure in the making. 

In this post Susan Lewis shares with you one such incident. The incident has lead through a domino effect of learning and relearning.

Simply not thinking about double checking a date lead into some interesting learning curves. Although in the video the experience relates to Digital Learning the message still is effective.  As stated learning can be where, anytime and any thing ! Susan's latest topic range being organizing the stream lining  of  'affiliate marketing cognitive basis' learning.  Surprisingly many of these areas kept popping up during the months both pre- and -post the Momentum Day in 2018.

Go Get Out There Make Mistakes

Without further ado, just get out there and make mistakes.  Learn from those mistakes. Learning from mistakes takes a certain state of mind. As seen in  the video called "Challenge yourself t…

Up Early Thinking Peace

Surprisingly the need to re-energize in the morning had surfaced. Leading up to the exploration of travel again the 2014 trip to Sydney had surprising revelations. These covered things like the intense need to just be by myself.

In this post Susan Lewis takes you through her steps of having  a familiar routine whilst travelling.  A 'let your hair down, relax and all is well routine to seek that inner peace.

 These early times were accompanied by the dog left in my care. You know...... mum I want that puppy and a few years later "Mum will you look after the dog. I've got to work early and am too tired...." So the dog and I would go on long walks early morning and evening. In between there was the disturbed sleep patterns.

 Experiencing these frequent mental blowout while learning a whole heap of just randomized information and down the emotions would go.

 Walking every possible time during the day brought up these emotional thresholds. Took only a few days to …