Thursday, 29 November 2018

Get Out There Make Mistakes

Get out there make mistakes. Learn from them. Build on the new experiences  Exploring the Australian Continent is a huge adventure in the making. 

In this post, Susan Lewis shares with you one such incident. The incident has led through a domino effect of learning and relearning.

Simply not thinking about double-checking a date lead to some interesting learning curves. Although in the video the experience relates to Digital Learning the message still is effective.  As stated learning can be where, anytime and anything! Susan's latest topic range being organizing the stream lining  of  'affiliate marketing cognitive basis' learning.  Surprisingly many of these areas kept popping up during the months both pre- and -post the Momentum Day in 2018.

Go Get Out There Make Mistakes

Without further ado, just get out there and make mistakes.  Learn from those mistakes. Learning from mistakes takes a certain state of mind. As seen in  the video called "Challenge yourself to make mistakes by learning!" 

The example that follows relates to the recent experience was not checking the dates on the flight to Coolangatta [ New South Wales / Queensland border] Australia.

Actually, the right date and wrong month was booked by the consultant. The travel consultant was surprised at the low cost. Neither of us questioned the amounts and three weeks later I called in to collect that ticket. Again not looking at the date.

On the date prior [ it was because there was an early flight booking [ like 1am] boarding that I arrived at 10 pm to the airport. Tired and excited to finally get on my way.

The Susan Lewis Marketing site was up and smoothly running. Okay not quite conventional but was all connected and ready for more work once arrived and hooked into the internet.

However, according to the airports booking people I was 'Early", "Really early." "Very early." "No, like a month early!"

Jaw-dropping experiences I can tell you.

Sleeping at the airport was not what I had intended. Not before I had left as well as on arrival. Flying in late the next day had a stop on Sydney.

Arriving at Coolangatta Queensland time [ an hour ahead] 8pm absolutely tired. Finally caught a taxi to "anywhere there is a bed nearby" And best of all the Coolingatta Youth Hostel was less than 10 minutes walk away.

Now, this is the third time in my life I've stayed in a hostel. The standards of the places I've stayed at are really great.

Sure there are shared or single rooms. When tired pull the curtains and sleep as others respect your privacy.

And better yet ask for a spare sheet or two. Like a bed with a drape create yours by closing out the sunlight as best as you can. Simply open up these and that allows people to know you are not in there asleep or having a time out with-in the curtains.

In conclusion: Before you accept the ticket to be printed check the dates on the tickets match you already sorted out travel arrangements. Head out the door of that travel agency understanding the contact details in case of emergency. Have those details programmed in the phone taken with you?

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