Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Up Early Thinking Peace

Surprisingly the need to re-energize in the morning had surfaced. Leading up to the exploration of travel again the 2014 trip to Sydney had surprising revelations. These covered things like the intense need to just be by myself.

In this post Susan Lewis takes you through her steps of having  a familiar routine whilst travelling.  A 'let your hair down, relax and all is well routine to seek that inner peace.

 These early times were accompanied by the dog left in my care. You know...... mum I want that puppy and a few years later "Mum will you look after the dog. I've got to work early and am too tired...." So the dog and I would go on long walks early morning and evening. In between there was the disturbed sleep patterns.

 Experiencing these frequent mental blowout while learning a whole heap of just randomized information and down the emotions would go.

 Walking every possible time during the day brought up these emotional thresholds. Took only a few days to realize how valuable these tie outs were.

later reading about the bodies absorption of the chemical serration these early morning walks became especially potent.

Now though when I am at a busy timed place such as a conference, there is time simply spent walking the streets near the venue.   Half an  hour one way and back.  Then another way and back. Familiarizing myself with these visual mapping key points is doubly important.  Like
a)  The distance a half hour will take up... in one line and back.
Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day 2017 in Perth, Australia
Large plant in a park in Perth.  Western Australia.  Australia
b) Interesting places to go see.  Speak with people at.  Take photographs.
c) Where are the public amenities.

Actually the list of why walk in the morning this early has gained attribution.

Either way there are two primary reasons why you should  have an "up early thinking peace" time.
the first simply is finding your balance to start the day refreshed and aware.

The second is location.  Out for a break at least you recognizing a coffee shop, a church steeple, a flower garden.  Or best of all the venue is of terrific asset.

Subsequently from walking in the early mornings around parks and quiet places in Churchill. Victoria to now going to Perth, an finding a park to capture peace from with again   l'd also gone to the beach in Gold Coast.

Next year there is a training in an isolated area of Texas, USA.  So glad for some outdoor and hiking skills as at least I may be able to spot where the campsites are.

So traveling and arrival.  Plus all the things between have become a fun thing to look forward to.  Then you get to read them and maybe you too can gradually work your way forward as well.

Today, may you find the love of self you have been looking for.

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