Friday, 8 March 2019

Found Pace within Reading Abbey walls

Newly arrived, freshly off balance, nothing had gone as planned,there was very little orientation as my mind was still thinking it was to be in training's.  Initially the plan had been to arrive, get the training under my belt and see a little bit of somewhere else.

There was a hick-up in that plan. I'd lent the money to someone else who had a better plan' for my training money.  This looking back  meant God's will was able to be done.  And so there was I wondering at the Church Bells peeling out through the city.  The twelve bells sounded terrific.

While out just walking around there, hidden over the river was  something big and old.

Sure was. The Reading Abbey had been reopened to the public in 2018.

Little did I know the actual significant 'tickles' over the next few years this visit would bring in.

As a child history and i did not get along.  Even today the dates and characters behind the history just got all mixed up.

What was to be learned in dot point
King Henry I of England built Reading Abbey to be his final resting place. Even after 18 months later the pomp and ceremony that would have gone on through the abbey is felt half a world away.

Although convoluted that all important history was beginning to make sense. 

Now the hunt for why it was making and feeling like things were fitting together had an anchor point. The 'cell memories' were tingling overtime.

Where this would lead too was going into overtime. You are invited to come along for the ride.

Friday, 1 March 2019

England was a place of so many contradictions

England was a place of so many contradictions that it seems confusing at first.  Mind you that could also be because it took over fifty-nine years to arrive there.

Yes, the flight from Melbourne to England took people backward in time.  Additionally, it also made sure you were able to spend the longest night awake... watching the land far below and the temperature outside dropped to minus 65 deg C.

Something i would not like to be outside of was the warmth in the plane.  Yet way down below tended to look like someone had layered icing on a smooth surface then hacked and chopped plus smoothed out the surface.  This was what the mountains and valleys looked like as the plane flew below the Pakistan mountain ranges.  Less than 24 hours before a jet had landed on the wrong side f the border.

Thankfully the planes took this as a terrific way for people like myself to just see a really new way to get through the rugged countryside.

Great big ice lakes that began to take on the form of toffee broken, jagged and riding upon each other.  Candy floss clouds as the sunlight began to beam ver these ranges.  Just an hour or two before there were lights around the countryside.  Or maybe that was between sleep.

Anyway, flight over that part of the earth really had to bee seen to be appreciated.

The memories of a world full of only four prime colors still is with me aver six weeks later.  There was the blue of the sky, a movey blue and  an orange.  Plus the white, grey-white and blacks.
The whole world was those colors at that time of the morning.

Would have loved to have taken photos through the double glass little viewing windows. But until the camera to do this is in my hands the only way to describe it was at the time.  And no one but the stewards was awake to see this marvelous unfolding of the first morning, so high above the highest cloud, and that's when the belief came through that there I was off on adventures.

New discoveries and alone I was.  So I sat, stood and watched while taking massive amounts of notes via letter form.

And then the overdue sleep of the night came into being.

Later waking as the plane was above France [somewhere] and heading towards Heathrow.  Buffeted by the cold and icy wind that was whipping around the Northern wind funnels.

Welcome to England Susan    

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