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England was a place of so many contradictions that it seems confusing at first.  Mind you that could also be because it took over fifty-nine years to arrive there.

Yes, the flight from Melbourne to England took people backward in time.  Additionally, it also made sure you were able to spend the longest night awake... watching the land far below and the temperature outside dropped to minus 65 deg C.

Something i would not like to be outside of was the warmth in the plane.  Yet way down below tended to look like someone had layered icing on a smooth surface then hacked and chopped plus smoothed out the surface.  This was what the mountains and valleys looked like as the plane flew below the Pakistan mountain ranges.  Less than 24 hours before a jet had landed on the wrong side f the border.

Thankfully the planes took this as a terrific way for people like myself to just see a really new way to get through the rugged countryside. 

Great big ice lakes that began to take on the form of tof…