Sunday, 14 April 2019

April 14th 2019 count down has begun

Amazing what a different day brings

Twenty-eight years ago I arrived at this house.  And planted a plum tree.

Brought down from the great Southern Alpine region very near the actual snow sky resorts mountains.

The town was Bendoc in Victoria.  The house no longer stands. But until a few days time this tree standing.

Then it, and a few willows, also come down. Currently, the land here has to be cleared and given back in the order it was first rentedin. That is there were a few trees and some grass.

Well, a leftover from stepping up and going to England occurred... it opened a can of travel lust. That also means taking my mother around Australia. Mum is eighty-three and has not seen much of Victorian let alone Australia.

Actually thinking about this the trip around Australia was again made last year.

Mums house will house a couple of boxes of stiff.  The rest will be gone before next months over. A family member is in mums house.

So there's one car, two dogs and two people.

The dogs are sixteen and a half years young. Just ask them.

First on the list is to head to Adelaide. Then to Queensland.

Or maybe to Caine river and then to the Snowies and over to Mildura. From there to somewhere else. The decision to choose the direction on the first coffee break. By going to a local park and making a cuppa on the BBQ there.

Ever heard of the "penny hike" - it's literally where you throw a coin into the air and go left or right.  At the next corner, this is again done. And so you go around your town learning about different things, places, and people.  Okay, this may remind you of a hap-hazard way of doing things.  I don't think so.  To me it's just a total freedom of being able to do something and just walking away and doing that something.

Right now the primary concern is the returning of the house that became a home for a while.  A big while in my life.

One laptop [ it's been to England too ] three phones [ old ones] between us.  and soon a wifi thing to receive enough bandwidth anywhere, In the meantime there are file transfer protocol things to quickly learn and get into practice with.

And strangely enough, this sits right. Mums comment: About time you woke yourself up Susan.

Besides the property itself .... the freezer needs emptying.  It's a big freezer full of homemade foods.  O well back to travel foods and on the spot cooking or eating of the mixed vegetarian/vegan food type foods done on BBQ's. A thirty-day countdown like most people have not known when contemplating this experience has started today.

Therefore all that time creating those emails will now include how to build a community online while on the road emails have been prepared.  And all that now needs are the updated broadcasts and a couple of other online things to be prepared.  Then in the bare basics, Mum and I are off on adventures moving forward.

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