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Today is the 19th of May 2019.  Looking in the local Latrobe New's edition was an article of a lady who in order to raise awareness for the Post Traumatic Trauma of the Mental Health issues she walked around Victoria.  Australia.  Complete with a crew and a motorhome.

Over the last few years, the adventures that I, Susan Lewis, have been having as the deep post-traumatic shock has finally begun to wear down has made me incredibly aware of what is just not happening.

As awareness grows let's move forward

A friend in New Zealand pointed out that to the extent of the Dr's knowledge and specialty the treatments for 'whatever" are given.  Point to note here if there is a challenging financial 'drain' patient that by all natural means would have passed on years ago suddenly a team of inexperienced 'professionals' turn up.  Whatever memories and conclusion you are experiencing at this point are your and yours alone to share where appropriate.  This post h…