Saturday, 18 May 2019

Raise Awareness And Walk Around Australia

Today is the 19th of May 2019.  Looking in the local Latrobe New's edition was an article of a lady who in order to raise awareness for the Post Traumatic Trauma of the Mental Health issues the lady walked around Victoria.  Australia.  Complete with a crew and a motor home.

Over the last few years, the adventures that I, Susan Lewis, have been having as the deep post-traumatic shock has finally begun to wear down has made me incredibly aware of what is just not happening.

As awareness grows let's move forward

A friend in New Zealand pointed out that to the extent of the Dr's knowledge and specialty the treatments for 'whatever" are given.  Point to note here if there is a challenging financial 'drain' patient that by all natural means would have passed on years ago suddenly a team of inexperienced 'professionals' turn up.  Whatever memories and conclusion you are experiencing at this point are your and yours alone to share where appropriate.  This post has moved on from this aspect.

Instead, this post is about what is Susan Lewis going to do about the challenge that has presented itself.  the challenge for Susan's vision implementation is different from the walk-a-thon lady.

One day at a time. Ahead is the future that started yesterday

The post is about raising every person's ability to challenge themselves into positive beliefs of today being better than yesterday.  One day building onto and into another day's activities.

Every person Susan has personally spoken to inserts a thought, idea or to do clause into a statement.  That person absorbs the statement.  The seed of an idea has been planted.  When the time is right the idea will germinate.  Growth will be seen.  A radish germinates and is ready to harvest in 30 days.  Bamboo,  on the other hand, concentrates on what is happening under the ground for a period of five long years.  Then suddenly, if tended and watered correctly, the growth is measured in Meters per day.

For five years the implementation of online marketing has been going on here.  During these years the issues of being included on the Autism Spectrum  [ thanks DNA] have been quietly slipped under the developing self that has been emerging.

Quite a combination to deal with. What lies ahead

Before 1993  my then to be husband and I wanted to travel the world. After the first child was born it was just to see Australia. Between this child and the fourth, we had traveled past one hundred and-seventy odd Agricultural and Pastoral local communities. shows.  While busy building out a balloon and face painting business, and with homeschooling the children of various ages there really was not much time left over.  Four children from birth to eight years of age was quite a handful before computers came along.

One truck impact later and a few years in the southern alps does no one much good. Many lessons were learned though.

  • Communication is important
    • Yes to the social media options of the internet.
    • Way back then it was before emails were really the thing. 
      • Everything was snail mail and stamps. 
      • 1991 the internet had hardly touched peoples lives in Australia

    • Keeping in touch.
      • Love the lightweight and highly powerful wifi devises now available
    • Costs versus finances
      • Building this adventure up is also pushing another side part forward.   A dedicated travelers server
      • Social value through the autoresponder is building. Connect here.
    • Speaking engagements
      • great idea.  Let's get together with dates and topics.
    Not yet your thing? Cept you would like to know and experience this as the adventure starts from this point!  Okay

    So back to the adventures that are lying ahead.
     Currently, there is an eighty-three-year-old mother and two dogs to consider. One car and no trailer.  Could be a bit cramped.

    We do however have tents.  Plus a brother of mine is kitting out a trailer ... like a workman's trailer.  of course, that means practice towing the trailer.  Better now that actually on the road.

    Australia is a huge continent. What if we travel this continent.  Post along the way.  Moving forward with every day a new post.  Traveling light and basic.

    Let us know where to meet and greet your community

    Two things I ask.  The first is for you to connect, learn and put into practice various actions within your community.  For this, there are updates and continuous emails for the committees, other family members to share, discuss and create your idea for the activity that will be happening during which we will arrive and celebrate with you your achievements.

    Second is....Yes, the places you will hold thees activities need to be noted this far in advance as the circuits traveled need to be self-funded for.

    Third, along the way, the places you have been and seen would be appreciated.

    Patricia, my mother, would love to "tell me where to go" as we set forth on this "post a day" adventure.

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