Thursday, 20 June 2019

So Heck Yeah England I Am Coming Back For More

Petsitting was fun during the trip to England.  So much so that it will be done again

The house was tall, well designed, quiet, and very beautiful inside.

While I was petsitting the cat my room was on the third floor up. The only really big challenge was the countless times up those floors I would go.  The internet dropped out once again.

From the third floor loft and storeroom windows, you could see the tall buildings of London itself.

Lisa, the lady of the house was terrific.  She picked me up.  And when they returned took me back to the train station

London to Cambridge a decision was made.

From this station, Cambridge was the destination. The whole trip, whilst bringing a sense of freedom, also definitely had some of the problems and challenges everyone traveling have.

Accept that you will carry on to the point that you feel completely comfortable with everything you do while away.

Sure there were things that now need to be done on the return to England. During the three weeks of this trip the world a half a world away was still functioning. And I, the one away was challenged to communicate via the internet frustrations and hassles should I have wanted them to be so.  Instead, there is a wonderful sense of power that comes from within when you accept the control stick in video gamification.  

So this whole out of this world experience triggered mindset awareness and simplification systems to be created, built and put into action.  

So Heck Yeah England I am coming back.

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