Thursday, 22 August 2019

Waiting For The Landlords Inspection

Challenge is certain.  Mighty the freedom that since being on the road is waiting to be experienced again

Times and accessories may have changed slightly.  Where before the DoC screen from Microsoft was the way too cumbersome to pack into a safe place there is the wifi, Lots of bits like electric car locks? Phones, laptops, and tablets to name a few.

Yet one thing has stayed the same.  From the time of setting out from the childhood home, there have been landlord inspections.

The house here in two months has been occupied by myself.  Firstly with a family of children buzzing between either their father's house or this one.

Needless to say that after they needed to move to the city, or further abroad the remaining two pets, are here in the office area with me.

Last night the storms raged.  The rain was heavy. And then the willy-willy gusts hit the house.  Weather-wise the actual hows and whys this happens are not cared for.

What happened this morning as I had secured the gates open - then driven down the road. Fifteen minutes later turning back into the driveway I gasped.  The car stayed where it was.

The Gate near the house has been torn off the big thick fence post.  Totally ripping apart the wood from whence the screws were holding the gate in.

What do you do!  Contact the agency who owns the house.  Done.  This I believe is an emergency due to the security of tenure.  IE I'm renting their house.  Please come and fix.

Meanwhile, there were things to dog.  Like, let the dogs out. 

The dogs would be tempted to roam.  Especially the one named Boof. He's accepted me, but will always look for his actual master. This person is now unavailable for the rest of Boof's life.

So another job aspect to complete has been moved forward in the completion. Meanwhile, the two dogs are happy in the sun, out of the wind. In between the raindrops.

And now they are even happier inside guarding me against the shovel!  That way they are getting the best of both worlds while doing this guard work in warmth, dryness and near the heater [ not turned on]

My day has started while I wait for the landlord's people with their inspection list.  Arrh the freedom to travel and to work online is something that has already become achievable.  Count down is on.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Freedom Of The Combined Toll Road Travel Plan

Travel to meet people puts a face a real face on the virtual world we live within. Early 2019 saw Susan travel to England. Importantly there was a surprise factor as Susan explored in the small pockets of London, Oxford, Cambridge.  When at the Momentum Day the friendly open hugs of finally meeting people she had previously met o, the comradery, and just the openness was there.

In the past the early part of Susan's life was travel between towns along the Victorian coast, New South Wales and the Queensland coast and the borders. Small, medium and large cities where fairs, marketed and Agricultural and Pastoral Shows were, Susan, and family were.

Now things have moved on.  The family now consist of a Part-time 83-year-old mother joining Susan. Of course not to forget the two older aged dogs.

It's a case of have 'car with a trailer' and will travel.

Australia is a continent full of long roads. Typically with so many vehicles now traveling the roads need updating and maintenance.
Years ago these were a fee.  However, people tend to travel from other states hopping borders so the licensing renewal took a nosedive.  The cover of these roads now come under each states electronic payments scheme for users.

Every so often I the travel is to the other side of Victoria.  In truth a trip that reasonably os over five hours one way.  Then the trip home takes the toll of your sleep patterns for the next few days.

Especially that there is a fear on my behalf of sleep disturbances.  A leftover from doing such long hours while driving the taxis here.  True, this I ended years ago. That's not the point.

The point is rather than going up one day and down the same, there are other ways.

2020 sees Susan is off on an adventure. That being the case there is no need to go up and down within a certain short time frame.

The last time over there there was time to stop and create a few quick videos.

That time was precious.  There were new feelings in different bushland.  Things that many people fly on past and forget there is an alternate world out there awaiting them.

Today the payment for the last trip was paid for. Plus the toll roads prepayment plan for future payments.

Literally, you pay pone and hit the button for another reduced automated service. Then progressed onto the reality of wow let's fill out the form as suggested. 
While doing so there are three classes.  Typically a choice of three.  The commercial one Not yet so cancel out that choice.  The seldom-used one fitted right for now.  Except that there was travel on the horizon. 

Now with the minimum cost was absorbed Susan knows that there is an automatic p[ayment going out. That there is a balance in the process.  Most importantly there is a piece of mind factor now at rest.

The absolute feeling of liberation has bubbled up again.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

ReachOutIntoLife Susan

Yesterday Susan discovered that traveling with screens is defiantly possible.  Especially as there is a docking station somewhere in the packing. All Susan need are the funny blue cords which are there somewhere [ in which box].  Err, at least Susan hopes they are.

Today is a funny one as when the sun crept into the wintery wet sky to announce its presence, the realization of just how true the focused start of the #ReachOutIntoLife has already started.

The strange effect of the starter's gun has rung in Susan Lewis's ears.  Suddenly there are things to complete.  Each day these ticked off things have a celebration.

The urgency is now in the air.

Besides the fact that it is raining, the packing up has been placed on hold. The reason is the autoresponder messages need a total reboot.

Created when there was so much unclarity as to what Susan would be doing these were done then as a quick fix.  No more as an "OH this is what that does."  Without experiment but staying within guidelines.

Just jump into life Susan

#ReachOutintoLifeHey, my future life has jumped into the non-parallel world that Susan enjoyed when there was 'youth' and even young family on hand.  Now there are dogs and a mother on hand.

The providing of which baking the keto bread, biscuits and cakes for people who are in need to 'eat' according to too their weight loss well mum has an avenue there.    Literally when Susan swings past call in and we will catch up.

ReachOut access while traveling

There is always within people fear of falling.  Thing is there is also a joy of soaring high.  Higher than ever before.
what_if_you_fly_my_darling-194x200 Experienced Zero to Sheroe Momentum
So this week and the next few, there are a few hundred emails to upgrade.  As a matter of urgency and focus as there are the next few hundred waiting in the wings to also be crafted.

Upkeep of this travellers bucket list

WHY??? the answer here is the traveling bucket kist was started in 2014 and published on another platform.  Then another more detailed one was started as part of something else.

Forming the basis of the bucket list that was published on this site yesterday.  Must admit that adding car maintenance now is a must.    Although for years Raymond would watch his favorite traveling shows on YouTube. There were people with absolutely no clue on anything, ill-prepared and just going for the adventure, one day at a time, so looks like the same will be happening to this little group of travelers [The dogs and Susan]

Well, I am here, Raymond is there.  It's time for Susan to get on with the rest of this glorious, God-given life.  The message of today is to #ReachOutintoLife Susan. #ReachOutAndGrabLife .

See you on the road One ReachOutIntoLife step closer by a day.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Travel Bucket List on the Australian Continent

4 points to Visit

  • Northern:  Cape York Queensland
  • Eastern: Byron Bay  N.S.W.
  • Southern: Wilsons Promontory National Park Vic
  • Western: Steep Point - Carrarang. Western Australia.   
Lowest Point in the Australian Continent
  • The dry bed Lake Eyre [South Australia]
Highest Point in the Australian Continent
  • Mount Kosciuszko  [ New South Wales}
Australia is one heck of a bigger [place than I realized

Speak at events 

Friday, 9 August 2019

We've started along the way, the dogs and I

Right now it's just is gone August.  The weather is "W.E.T"  Definitely wet.

Know that it's a slow way to do things but  time is showing up  that there re pockets of WOW this is now recognized and actually happening

The places to track to are slowly lining up.

Head east and go north.  Omeo, Swift, and Bright.

Then back down here and meander around the coastal roads here.  Starting as far east as the travel times will allow

 The cardboard boxes are here.  In five categories.

  • Stored in backroom 
  • Packed.  
  • Half packed.  
  • Empty or 
  • Flat.
Somehow the logic of this clean out every rubbish bin is about halfway through.

The ground is growing its grass again.  Well enough that I will have to move the stuff again before the next official callers come here.

Maintenance of the "little" things has again been done today.  Like an electrical switch repair and some keys cut.

Move just a little bit more dirt today

Have also started digging away the soil from the driveway concrete. The other concreted edging will be achieved this week.  The dirt going where the 'drop in the ground is out on the front nature strip.

Next week it attacks the wooden framed shed out the side.  At least this weather should then be better to work within.

  • The bucket list has begun
A gradual set of where to head points are being added to. A bit like a travel to-do bucket list

Which this post has already been started.  Should be fun sorting this out into some logical tick box travel itinerary.

More soon as Susan Lewis gets ready to be off on Adventures.  Call back sooner than you think.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Plans A Foot For A Tiny House

 The idea just came a few years ago.  Travel with a tiny house attached to the vehicle.

Just a small box trailer that once created alternates to be a tiny house equipped with a fold out office space.  The requirements are that the tiny house opens on the side and allows food or beverages to be made whilst at market or shows.

Tiny houses are a fascination of mine.  Having watched them grow and develop personalizes of their own usage it now beggars me as to why this idea did not connect before.

A little while ago in Morwell there was 4x4 vehicle parked just outside a shop. This car towed a two person caravan. 

The husband and wife team had taken the vehicle across Asia to America. Travel that continent as well as back to Australia to head for New Zealand. There was a fresh application of paint.  The traveled roadways had been updated.

This fascination of tiny houses and overseas travel has once again quietly stoked up the Tiny House and travel passion combination.  

Now that the two are connected in the brain there must be someone who is able to create this combination for what's to happen in the future.  

Time to finish book work and start drawing plans.

Be Your Inner Peace And Confidence"

Be Your Inner Peace And Confidence

When I had my realization that there was something more than accepting the dish life had tried to shove down my throat my focus shifted. Each small thing added another crack in the protective wall built around to protect from the hurts. Eventually, a piece of rubble started to fall.  Then another.

One of the final pivotal pieces was that to some I was just a friend that they could confide in. That hurt. While to others I was unattached, therefore.... No.  There comes a time when you think of why me.  Selfish it may seem to some.  Life-giving to others.

These types of things triggered something deep within me. A deep river of running larva had just heated up enough water that sprung through the crakes and near shattered the pillars of my own self-worth.  Ie If I was not good enough then would I be good enough for something far better.

That the adjustments came because the impact of a life that I knew just to totally disappear thrice in my time here on earth was massive.  Now it is time to focus on where I am, what I am doing and where the heck I will be arriving at next.

This post sets out to tie up nearly forty-five years of knowing a funny world that had to be learned was important to my future.  So read on.  Life has a strange way of connecting many little dots in its invisible bucket list plans.  Only you have to live your life in order to put the pieces of the invisible jigsaw together.

Yes, I love to plan right down to the grittiest detail.  Then watch things unfold. In a way, this is part of the beauty of having an analytical mind that sees things in a visual format.  Simply give me a spreadsheet and expect to see blocks of color for the important interrelated parts.  You should see the one for this trip of a lifetime being developed.

So it's off on this trip around places within Australia - for now, Victoria first as we [ my mum and two dogs] travel on up through to Brisbane.

Included are a mother [ mum] and two dogs.  I'm the driver.

That's where you will find me enjoying the magical moments that will have come out of adversity.  Shedding some of the inner pollutants that annoy the telomeres. Funny how when watching a training video and the presenter speaks of the telomere on the end of chromosomes there a flashback as to learning how to spell tricky biological words that sounded cool.  Mitochondria being one word.   So putting the  I've got to find out about how this will affect the trip hat on a researching did I go into what was so familiar with the telomeres. More importantly why these were so important in stabilizing chromosomes in age-related disease

Wow, shorter telomeres mean a shorter trip here on earth. There is just to much out there not to see.

Like any female who finds the empty nest has now disintegrated.  Other things that simply got in the way.

While going through an education process for a few years there were things that had priority importance that kept creeping through.  One of these was the health and welfare of a lady who turned 80 the year I turned around and found there were still gaping holes in own life.  Things I came to this country to see and achieve. Having only a small part of that streamlined and sorted out.  Going to England after four years of traveling by plane to different cities around Australia [ and one by train] had opened my eyes to the sheer vastness of Australia.  Mind you going to England had opened my eyes to the smallest glimpse of the world. All that ocean and the cities lights.  The morning haze that turned into pinky blue and orange streeked puffy clouds among the highest mountains on this earth.  And an outside temperature of minus 65 deg C

Where my choice would be the world lies at my feet, needs must.  True in today's culture family ties have all but broken down.  Generations cannot wait to be free of people.  For myself, this is not so.

Culture, or not, the choice I have made is to help my mother see some of Australia that neither of us has chosen to have the time, energy or ability to seek and find. Instead, our choices were family-based.  That family-based choice now boils down to each other.  The two intergenerational oldest children of a life type that is no more.

So here's to finding out about telomeres and longevity.  May every day be filled with the following powerful spiritual energy flows.  We'll need this as I am so sure that each state we travel in will have a fresh garden transportable garden growing somewhere in the trailer following closely behind the landrover.

Check out this list of plants that help prevent the decline of Telemores with green foods such as kale, celery, rocket, parsley, sage, blueberries, capers, apples, buckwheat

Drinking lots of green tea. I'll grow to like it.

Creating foods with citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges.
Add lots of meals that have turkey, chicken.

Hey, there's even dark chocolate power and bars [ mmmm  Spoiler alert! with chocolate that is at least 85 percent cocoa]

Okay, so these foods are foods that help you lose weight.

Since there possibly are not a lot of places selling take away 'Sirt foods' we can do what we both love doing.  Cooking.

So here's to moving forward and that we both find what we are looking for.  Amazingly there are so many beautiful places, features and mornings.  Watching the seagulls fly.  A raven being chased by the wind.  The hawks capturing the upstream winds.    There are so many memories that both mum and I intend to create with the freedoms we will be able to make.

So many people we both have a need to catch up too.  Amazingly there are a few things yet to learn so that this online 'stuff' can keep going.  But that's the beauty of

As a friend in England recently said "That's the beauty of it. You play the Music, You set the dance rhythm"  So here's to experiencing life in the most unsuspecting way we can think of.  Open the door. Just drive away into somewhere. Start today. Be your inner peace and confidence in this lifetime.

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