Thursday, 22 August 2019

Waiting For The Landlords Inspection

Challenge is certain.  Mighty the freedom that since being on the road is waiting to be experienced again

Times and accessories may have changed slightly.  Where before the DoC screen from Microsoft was the way too cumbersome to pack into a safe place there is the wifi, Lots of bits like electric car locks? Phones, laptops, and tablets to name a few.

Yet one thing has stayed the same.  From the time of setting out from the childhood home, there have been landlord inspections.

The house here in two months has been occupied by myself.  Firstly with a family of children buzzing between either their father's house or this one.

Needless to say that after they needed to move to the city, or further abroad the remaining two pets, are here in the office area with me.

Last night the storms raged.  The rain was heavy. And then the willy-willy gusts hit the house.  Weather-wise the actual hows and whys this happens are not cared for.

What happened this morning as I had secured the gates open - then driven down the road. Fifteen minutes later turning back into the driveway I gasped.  The car stayed where it was.

The Gate near the house has been torn off the big thick fence post.  Totally ripping apart the wood from whence the screws were holding the gate in.

What do you do!  Contact the agency who owns the house.  Done.  This I believe is an emergency due to the security of tenure.  IE I'm renting their house.  Please come and fix.

Meanwhile, there were things to dog.  Like, let the dogs out. 

The dogs would be tempted to roam.  Especially the one named Boof. He's accepted me, but will always look for his actual master. This person is now unavailable for the rest of Boof's life.

So another job aspect to complete has been moved forward in the completion. Meanwhile, the two dogs are happy in the sun, out of the wind. In between the raindrops.

And now they are even happier inside guarding me against the shovel!  That way they are getting the best of both worlds while doing this guard work in warmth, dryness and near the heater [ not turned on]

My day has started while I wait for the landlord's people with their inspection list.  Arrh the freedom to travel and to work online is something that has already become achievable.  Count down is on.

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