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Be Your Inner Peace And Confidence"

Be Your Inner Peace And Confidence

When I had my realization that there was something more than accepting the dish life had tried to shove down my throat my focus shifted. Each small thing added another crack in the protective wall built around to protect from the hurts. Eventually, a piece of rubble started to fall.  Then another.

One of the final pivotal pieces was that to some I was just a friend that they could confide in. That hurt. While to others I was unattached, therefore.... No.  There comes a time when you think of why me.  Selfish it may seem to some.  Life-giving to others.

These types of things triggered something deep within me. A deep river of running larva had just heated up enough water that sprung through the crakes and near shattered the pillars of my own self-worth.  Ie If I was not good enough then would I be good enough for something far better.

That the adjustments came because the impact of a life that I knew just to totally disappear thrice in my time here on earth was massive.  Now it is time to focus on where I am, what I am doing and where the heck I will be arriving at next.

This post sets out to tie up nearly forty-five years of knowing a funny world that had to be learned was important to my future.  So read on.  Life has a strange way of connecting many little dots in its invisible bucket list plans.  Only you have to live your life in order to put the pieces of the invisible jigsaw together.

Yes, I love to plan right down to the grittiest detail.  Then watch things unfold. In a way, this is part of the beauty of having an analytical mind that sees things in a visual format.  Simply give me a spreadsheet and expect to see blocks of color for the important interrelated parts.  You should see the one for this trip of a lifetime being developed.

So it's off on this trip around places within Australia - for now, Victoria first as we [ my mum and two dogs] travel on up through to Brisbane.

Included are a mother [ mum] and two dogs.  I'm the driver.

That's where you will find me enjoying the magical moments that will have come out of adversity.  Shedding some of the inner pollutants that annoy the telomeres. Funny how when watching a training video and the presenter speaks of the telomere on the end of chromosomes there a flashback as to learning how to spell tricky biological words that sounded cool.  Mitochondria being one word.   So putting the  I've got to find out about how this will affect the trip hat on a researching did I go into what was so familiar with the telomeres. More importantly why these were so important in stabilizing chromosomes in age-related disease

Wow, shorter telomeres mean a shorter trip here on earth. There is just to much out there not to see.

Like any female who finds the empty nest has now disintegrated.  Other things that simply got in the way.

While going through an education process for a few years there were things that had priority importance that kept creeping through.  One of these was the health and welfare of a lady who turned 80 the year I turned around and found there were still gaping holes in own life.  Things I came to this country to see and achieve. Having only a small part of that streamlined and sorted out.  Going to England after four years of traveling by plane to different cities around Australia [ and one by train] had opened my eyes to the sheer vastness of Australia.  Mind you going to England had opened my eyes to the smallest glimpse of the world. All that ocean and the cities lights.  The morning haze that turned into pinky blue and orange streeked puffy clouds among the highest mountains on this earth.  And an outside temperature of minus 65 deg C

Where my choice would be the world lies at my feet, needs must.  True in today's culture family ties have all but broken down.  Generations cannot wait to be free of people.  For myself, this is not so.

Culture, or not, the choice I have made is to help my mother see some of Australia that neither of us has chosen to have the time, energy or ability to seek and find. Instead, our choices were family-based.  That family-based choice now boils down to each other.  The two intergenerational oldest children of a life type that is no more.

So here's to finding out about telomeres and longevity.  May every day be filled with the following powerful spiritual energy flows.  We'll need this as I am so sure that each state we travel in will have a fresh garden transportable garden growing somewhere in the trailer following closely behind the landrover.

Check out this list of plants that help prevent the decline of Telemores with green foods such as kale, celery, rocket, parsley, sage, blueberries, capers, apples, buckwheat

Drinking lots of green tea. I'll grow to like it.

Creating foods with citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges.
Add lots of meals that have turkey, chicken.

Hey, there's even dark chocolate power and bars [ mmmm  Spoiler alert! with chocolate that is at least 85 percent cocoa]

Okay, so these foods are foods that help you lose weight.

Since there possibly are not a lot of places selling take away 'Sirt foods' we can do what we both love doing.  Cooking.

So here's to moving forward and that we both find what we are looking for.  Amazingly there are so many beautiful places, features and mornings.  Watching the seagulls fly.  A raven being chased by the wind.  The hawks capturing the upstream winds.    There are so many memories that both mum and I intend to create with the freedoms we will be able to make.

So many people we both have a need to catch up too.  Amazingly there are a few things yet to learn so that this online 'stuff' can keep going.  But that's the beauty of

As a friend in England recently said "That's the beauty of it. You play the Music, You set the dance rhythm"  So here's to experiencing life in the most unsuspecting way we can think of.  Open the door. Just drive away into somewhere. Start today. Be your inner peace and confidence in this lifetime.

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