Sunday, 11 August 2019

ReachOutIntoLife Susan

Yesterday Susan discovered that traveling with screens is defiantly possible.  Especially as there is a docking station somewhere in the packing. All Susan need are the funny blue cords which are there somewhere [ in which box].  Err, at least Susan hopes they are.

Today is a funny one as when the sun crept into the wintery wet sky to announce its presence, the realization of just how true the focused start of the #ReachOutIntoLife has already started.

The strange effect of the starter's gun has rung in Susan Lewis's ears.  Suddenly there are things to complete.  Each day these ticked off things have a celebration.

The urgency is now in the air.

Besides the fact that it is raining, the packing up has been placed on hold. The reason is the autoresponder messages need a total reboot.

Created when there was so much unclarity as to what Susan would be doing these were done then as a quick fix.  No more as an "OH this is what that does."  Without experiment but staying within guidelines.

Just jump into life Susan

#ReachOutintoLifeHey, my future life has jumped into the non-parallel world that Susan enjoyed when there was 'youth' and even young family on hand.  Now there are dogs and a mother on hand.

The providing of which baking the keto bread, biscuits and cakes for people who are in need to 'eat' according to too their weight loss well mum has an avenue there.    Literally when Susan swings past call in and we will catch up.

ReachOut access while traveling

There is always within people fear of falling.  Thing is there is also a joy of soaring high.  Higher than ever before.
what_if_you_fly_my_darling-194x200 Experienced Zero to Sheroe Momentum
So this week and the next few, there are a few hundred emails to upgrade.  As a matter of urgency and focus as there are the next few hundred waiting in the wings to also be crafted.

Upkeep of this travellers bucket list

WHY??? the answer here is the traveling bucket kist was started in 2014 and published on another platform.  Then another more detailed one was started as part of something else.

Forming the basis of the bucket list that was published on this site yesterday.  Must admit that adding car maintenance now is a must.    Although for years Raymond would watch his favorite traveling shows on YouTube. There were people with absolutely no clue on anything, ill-prepared and just going for the adventure, one day at a time, so looks like the same will be happening to this little group of travelers [The dogs and Susan]

Well, I am here, Raymond is there.  It's time for Susan to get on with the rest of this glorious, God-given life.  The message of today is to #ReachOutintoLife Susan. #ReachOutAndGrabLife .

See you on the road One ReachOutIntoLife step closer by a day.

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