Friday, 9 August 2019

We've started along the way, the dogs and I

Right now it's just is gone August.  The weather is "W.E.T"  Definitely wet.

Know that it's a slow way to do things but  time is showing up  that there re pockets of WOW this is now recognized and actually happening

The places to track to are slowly lining up.

Head east and go north.  Omeo, Swift, and Bright.

Then back down here and meander around the coastal roads here.  Starting as far east as the travel times will allow

 The cardboard boxes are here.  In five categories.

  • Stored in backroom 
  • Packed.  
  • Half packed.  
  • Empty or 
  • Flat.
Somehow the logic of this clean out every rubbish bin is about halfway through.

The ground is growing its grass again.  Well enough that I will have to move the stuff again before the next official callers come here.

Maintenance of the "little" things has again been done today.  Like an electrical switch repair and some keys cut.

Move just a little bit more dirt today

Have also started digging away the soil from the driveway concrete. The other concreted edging will be achieved this week.  The dirt going where the 'drop in the ground is out on the front nature strip.

Next week it attacks the wooden framed shed out the side.  At least this weather should then be better to work within.

  • The bucket list has begun
A gradual set of where to head points are being added to. A bit like a travel to-do bucket list

Which this post has already been started.  Should be fun sorting this out into some logical tick box travel itinerary.

More soon as Susan Lewis gets ready to be off on Adventures.  Call back sooner than you think.

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