Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Freedom Of The Combined Toll Road Travel Plan

Travel to meet people puts a face a real face on the virtual world we live within. Early 2019 saw Susan travel to England. Importantly there was a surprise factor as Susan explored in the small pockets of London, Oxford, Cambridge.  When at the Momentum Day the friendly open hugs of finally meeting people she had previously met o, the comradery, and just the openness was there.

In the past the early part of Susan's life was travel between towns along the Victorian coast, New South Wales and the Queensland coast and the borders. Small, medium and large cities where fairs, marketed and Agricultural and Pastoral Shows were, Susan, and family were.

Now things have moved on.  The family now consist of a Part-time 83-year-old mother joining Susan. Of course not to forget the two older aged dogs.

It's a case of have 'car with a trailer' and will travel.

Australia is a continent full of long roads. Typically with so many vehicles now traveling the roads need updating and maintenance.
Years ago these were a fee.  However, people tend to travel from other states hopping borders so the licensing renewal took a nosedive.  The cover of these roads now come under each states electronic payments scheme for users.

Every so often I the travel is to the other side of Victoria.  In truth a trip that reasonably os over five hours one way.  Then the trip home takes the toll of your sleep patterns for the next few days.

Especially that there is a fear on my behalf of sleep disturbances.  A leftover from doing such long hours while driving the taxis here.  True, this I ended years ago. That's not the point.

The point is rather than going up one day and down the same, there are other ways.

2020 sees Susan is off on an adventure. That being the case there is no need to go up and down within a certain short time frame.

The last time over there there was time to stop and create a few quick videos.

That time was precious.  There were new feelings in different bushland.  Things that many people fly on past and forget there is an alternate world out there awaiting them.

Today the payment for the last trip was paid for. Plus the toll roads prepayment plan for future payments.

Literally, you pay pone and hit the button for another reduced automated service. Then progressed onto the reality of wow let's fill out the form as suggested. 
While doing so there are three classes.  Typically a choice of three.  The commercial one Not yet so cancel out that choice.  The seldom-used one fitted right for now.  Except that there was travel on the horizon. 

Now with the minimum cost was absorbed Susan knows that there is an automatic p[ayment going out. That there is a balance in the process.  Most importantly there is a piece of mind factor now at rest.

The absolute feeling of liberation has bubbled up again.

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