Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Every Day Is One Freedom To Be Me Step Closer.

Step-Through Everything.  One Step At A Time!

Over the last few weeks, the wintertime bug grabbed hold and decided it liked it here.

Only thing is this body did not appreciate the bug!
Great things have happened. The kitchen cupboards were attacked and more stuff has gone. The cupboards that were holding the excess stuff have gone... broken to pieces and burnt. So much paperwork... all guide related and carefully stored. Gone. Burned, given to a Guide District leading library. Wow, the stuff that for years people threw out and I kept has value.

Minimization effects sweep through

Thus that big that made things hard to concentrate...meant the rooms have been cleared.
Today and yesterday the weed killer was used. Hence the dogs are really not complaining. They are here with me enjoying the heater. And the plants now sprayed are nicely being sunned on.

SusanLewisMarketing-ExploreTheVirtualHouse Action that Graphix PromiseThe main point is that this place needs to literally be bare as the lease is terminated.
Yesterday a person, a taxi passenger from long ago, called out to me as the dogs and I were walking around the lake Mattison. He had remembered my statement., When the trees are removed I too will go soon after,. So he asked and I confirmed.

Suddenly with others knowing there was no... well the fear of people like relatives who have denied truths, instead want to believe what others have told them.... there are just positives from here on in. Positively enjoying my adventures.

 The planning is happening as the cleaning occurs.

Yesterday also a blog broadcast was created, published. Sent out to the Facebook page and also to the Twitter account. One person subscribed and two left the list. Oh well, it just goes to show me that this stuff works. What I'm doing works. So in the next week, it's tidy up time. Tidy up on all the websites and corresponding bits and pieces.

To achieve the online and travel idea seems to be like setting up a home. Constantly twigging at something. Then dealing t-with the consequences and updated maintenance steps. Creating that virtual mo-jo flow.

Freedom Is An Experience To ReachOut For

Freedom to do what is out there and waiting for us to experience. Sounds great to me.

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