Saturday, 14 September 2019

Hearing That Rumbel Brings Everything Nearer

Turn the key! Hearing that rumble brings everything nearer

"Susan come over and pick up the 4x4." Oh heck. Everything just got one step closer.
One hour later the 4x4 Range Rover Discovery is parked in the driveway. Behind locked gates.

The only question left that could be thought of was.... "Which side to the fuel pump." Such a simple question. Definitely necessary. It's been a few vehicles since the fuel flap was on the right side.

By the time the 4b was parked the window wipers had been turned on instead of lights. Several times.
The engine purrs like it's as rumble all set and boy was that a beautiful sound to hear. Engine-wise.... there's a whole lot to learn.

After dinner, it was 'easy to talk' time.

Not quite sure how mum is going to go getting in and out... but between us, she will manage.
Over the next few days, the hall cupboard is definitely being sorted out. Prepacked for overnight adventures to start with.

Patricia has been made in charge of Google Maps. All the information that will be going on there. The aim is for as many out-of-the-way camping spots [with facilities] as possible to be discovered by both of us. The dog-friendly ones at that.

Bring along the virtual office

When first mentioned Patricia wanted me to leave everything online behind. This would be an adventure .... not a working office. Want a bet!

Laptops make a friendly place to work from. Write out what you want. Go to a wifi spot and upload.  The 'seniors pass' I am told have wifi and free cuppas.

Since what I do is basically all online there are things like file transfer protocols systems to learn about.

What about those old recipe blogs

Today Patricia was asking about the blogs from nearly fifteen years ago. The recipe ones. Including the very apt one for these adventures "Cooking With What?"

So much yet to do. One step closer every day

The adventure will be learning just how far a spirited, eager for life and adventure eighty-three year old may travel.

And the trailer... will have at the worst a place to camp under an awning.

Hot spot uploads to figure out. Solar panels to find. Powerpacks literally for everything.

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