Friday, 20 September 2019

Thrown In The Deep End. Be Open To Receive Solutions

Oh is there freedom in the decision once made.

There happened to be a challenge.   The winner is not decided yet.

While looking after a relatives house it appears there is definite room to improve with a tenant and maintenance.

Then the roof leaked.

 Currently, the land agent is seeking quotes

The exploration as to what is lying behind the leak could be as simple as taking the apple tree down.  Falling apples crack roof tiles.  Could it be this?

Leaves in the gutter - they have been removed.  Add to this the tree definitely needs removal.    It's not little and is about 50 years old.

 Each step of the way there is that easy part.

Whereas next year the travel started now the travel far and wide may be taking on a different concept.

One where the local spots are visited.

Meanwhile, the travel partner, my mum, turns eighty-four.  A step ladder is utilized to get into the 4x4 discovery unless the vehicle is parked near a curb.

I turn Sixty towards the end of this year.

There was the freedom to choose adventure.  Well the adventure has been modified
The suggestion is that the tenant is rehoused, the renovation building works and upgrades get done.

But thankfully let's sort out for you what needs to be repaired.

Got to a point where I chose to smile [ instead of cry.]

Interestingly that decision opened the way for solutions.  Positives jumped over themselves to arrive in a list.  

Lists though are made of words.  So the pictures drawn have an incredible effect.  A few days ago the picture for the day shows me with a figure.  That lead to the disappearance of food cravings that had sugar within them.  You know the nice sugar or cream ingredients.

Last night it was eight points to focus on.  Three were chosen.  One a further faith choice. The other two have already begun to occur. Today when waking up, several files within the brain had connected. Different tracking system measures had sorted themselves out.

Refuel means time alone.

There is enough energy within me to just write this post and head off for asleep.

But thats how a deep-Post Traumatic Shocked brain tends to sort things out.  One aspect at a time. Then divert while mentally rearranging everything.  Have free time.

What is damaged is not traveling with us

The decision to move the much-reduced house of stuff ... has been the right one.  Instead of everything into a big shed and paying storage.... its everything into a big shed [ the one on the property] and the house mortgage gets paid off for the owner...... But not as rent through the agency.
One room at a time
Looks like there is an urge to redo everything within the house.

One room at a time.  Starting with the ceiling and rebating.  The architraves and wall panels, Electrical cables.pannel at a time.  Knock out the walls to the shower and redo that as well while there is a great access point.

Turn the bath around 90 degrees.  Add the washing machine and dryer. Change the plumbing arrangements. Add in heater lamps.

Be bold enough to allow the facelift to begin.

Change the sad home into a home with happiness within.  Again this is weird as the front door refurbishment was drawn last week.

Refurbishment means materials.  Auctions are a fantastic place for refurbishment materials.  That means travel.  Overnight to get there and overnight again to come back here.

Again a solution just arrived.

The house yard has high walls.  I know two of the neighbors.  The dogs can have dry food dog food dispensers.  These two dogs are already used to the property as they were brought up there.

Items purchased have a place to be stored.

The tools are already there.
And I can cheat and drive up. Disconnect the trailer. Reposition things. Voila, he vehicle also has a home.

Meanwhile, while all this sorting out, renovations and s forth are happening...mum can have her store that she can sell things from.

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