Tuesday, 3 September 2019

When The Mind Is Set On The Next Step

Things happen when the mind is set on the next step.

Yesterday's next step was to finish off sorting out the old filing cabinet contents. Years of Girl Guide stuff, mixed up with private papers, had to be sorted out.  Why?  Because today is the burn-off day.

Two days ago the first of these boxes were sorted out.  In between sending paperwork to the people who owned other paperwork that was easily now in the way while on the kitchen table.  Nearly thirty stamps later this paperwork was in envelopes waiting on the bench for posting.  That, of course, is just an example of complete one job either completely or at least do it someplace else.  before the thing,  like space allocation, gets mixed up.

By the end of hours of sorting out, there are now two condensed boxes that have those terrific old metal wired hanging folders.  Too good to burn so these will go round to the garage at a date when access will be there.

What amounted to one station wagon boot full later these old historical things were taken to the eighty-year-old still in Girl Guides today lady.

Turns out they were welcomed with open arms.

As Zelma was talking about the last lot of things that were dropped off there were favorable comments coming back.  You see the Units that were run by myself were largely experimental, to begin with.  The State needed a "true to life' experiment and we were it.

However, there were a lot of trust issues with myself.  I'd come from another country, the New Zealand accent was so strong still.  I'd arrived out of nowhere from a town few had heard off.  Bendoc was in isolated Victorian Snowy Mountain region.

I acted strangely.  People were told I was on drugs and other unsavory things.  When in actual fact this was untrue.  While this town was riddled with drug popping people what was shown, lived by and I believed implemented was there was not the need for anyone to partake in that crazy mind eating world.

Still, the medially prescribed blood pressure tablet was something that I did take.  Happens when you have a truck impact through your van the likely hood of injury and shock increases experientially! Thus the anxiety side of the blood pressure rises dramatically.

Undiagnosed deep-Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom is something that did happen.  Effectively for years unless there was an underlying set of learned/experienced 'experienced' activities to hang new activities onto the connections just fell into the 'yet to be used' heap.

So as Zilma was explaining the use the scrapbooks of kids activities, done by the guides, pictures, photos, writing, and all sorts of other things somehow attached into these books, the realisation that she did not actually know what went into how all the girls who participated were able to work together and achieve badges became apparent.

The second thing that was stated was ... everything is so digital these days.  So right it is.  Then the eye opener.  That the region here now has a History reference library.   A see, feel and touch place that people may borrow from.

The greatest thing that came out of yesterday, was this ladies total enjoyment and quiet wonder.   It actually felt we had met on common ground.  To people looking together at a common past that was no longer. While she is there preparing the past for future generations here I am being utilized to prepare a future for others.  It actually felt like a 'hatchet' had now been buried with the common unspoken knowledge of the removal of all the misconceptions of other people. 

As I'm here writing this there is the feeling of absolute peace over this tumultuous time frame.  The childhood activity had laid down so many common activities that were taken into adulthood.  The common things helped our growing young family survive after the truck impact.  That commonality helped me sort out the tops of the confusion.  Who the heck was I?     A person who knew how to plan things out to the last detail through subdivision of an overall vision right down to simple badge work and appreciation of blowing bubbles in the midnight moonlight.  And yet to start with I did not know that to light a fire you literally needed to take the match out of the box and create the initial flame.

To a person who before this place is departed from has a few camp blankets, uniforms, and camping clothes [ with training badges sewn on them] to take these to the history place that the region is creating.

One of the things that have been kept is the use of a compass, what to look for in the hills and mountains as you hike through places.  This is something of value tome. A piece of unfinished learning.  That has formed the desire to if not physically now hike through the start to finish of the Snowy Mountains then I am 4x4 traveling those roads, interspersed with hiking group activities.  Time to go find a few of these trackers.

The next thing was the leftover files paperwork.  If I was to pop it into the bi-weekly garbage collection bins they would be a too heavy paper collection bin to remove.  thus these will now act as paper for the burn-off,    Judging by the fog that has crept in in the last hour this will be the perfect day for the burn-off.  The clouds are here and the air movement is still.

Slowly, and surely, these days here in this town called Churchill are definitely on count down as the count down is preceding towards achieving Susan's Off On Adventure Life

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