Thursday, 31 October 2019

Yeah England here I come

Super uplifted because yesterday the tickets to England next year were booked and paid for. In the last few months [ actually years] has been a time of sever stress. The moment of decision to travel to England was actually really a silly one.

Boiled down to an emotional response to  an "Anger" moment.  In simple terms that moment of enough is enough was reached.

Bright Idea to Book A Trip To England

Lucky for me this payment came from a caravan that was sold to a family member no longer here.  The deal was that when necessary, and only for big surprise moments where cash was a necessary investment, was I to take the money out of the investment in Susan Lewis's Future account.  Not that there is much left mind you in that account now.  Oh well spend frugally to see what happens.

Sure is a lot lot of future in Susan Lewis though. Yes even though there are some really tearful moments right now. 

Travel is with Brunei airlines.  Time is there in plenty after I get back home.   

Today though it's pack a suit case for the Goal Coast of Australia trip. Go met up with some friends while catching up on a Momentum Day.

Susan Lewis off Ticket to England purchased

Cutting Out The Blackberry

 Careful when the feet land on the property around the corner.   Horribly there is a huge growth of blackberries that have never been there ...