Saturday, 23 November 2019

Life Moves Through Into The Next Cycles

Interesting things happen as life moves through into the next cycles.

As a child the dream as to be an air hostess.  That dream changed when a grandmother put forward the idea of professionally caring for others.  The beginning of choosing second best maybe that became such a habit until recently the determination to break through self-imposed barriers came to the front.

When a young adult the need to travel was still there.  Next was the travel with the husband. Then the family. 

This is Susan's life.  Susans off on adventures now. Slowly that need keeps growing

Pitstop number one has just been entered.

The letter interpretation that came the other day.  "Susan don't you dare give up.  You keep going forward.  You have come too far doing what you are doing to do anything else other than what you set out to do."

That's one part of the market when you start off on your adventures.

Next came that having qualified at something that meant Officially I was a professional. ' Heck that came as a shock..... thirteen years later.

And then came a Wow it's here that moment in time realization.

Mad dash into the brain waves and there it was. Seamed so sudden.  Several things colliding together.

Long-time ago dreams and aspirations are working their way into truth facts.

Already superimposed images of vision from dreams long ago are here. Amazing how life moves through into the next cycles.


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