Friday, 31 January 2020

Listen to the seasoned professionals re driving conditions

 Planing is an amazing attribute.  Especially in these unprecedented time of extreme weather conditions.

Australia is such a big continent ts as thought your travelling from Great Briton through to the the other end of the European land mass.  Everything and anything has it's own time schedule.

Some of the tips picked up from the perspective of professional truck driver are amazing.  thus  sharing a few bring the experiences into clarity of planning.   Okay people can plan for anything but the emergency mother nature presents itself in.  So here are a few things gathered over time.

  1. Make sure the boarders are open for travel, and open for being able to enter the next state.
    1. Understand you are required to self isolate for up to and beyond 30 days if you are not yet vaccinated/up to date.
  2. Judge the climate and weather conditions. 
    1. Drive in the hottest parts of Australia in that hot nuts. 
    2. To drive in the coldest parts of the country is crazy.
      1. avoid the top-end during the new year through autumn season
  3. Know the weather patterns. To drive during the monsoonal flash flooding times that could last for months has a significant risk of being trapped.
    From the thick of fog into the scorching heat

  4. Check out what the locals that live and work in the area drive.
    1.  is the vehicle suited for the conditions
    2. actually doe your vehicle tow the weight of the trailer / caravan comfortably.
      1. Will the towing vehicle buckle?
      2. Is there suitable power to tow ratios.
        1. What about the review the tow within weight capacity ratio 
  5. Some roads ... 
    1. You'll be unable to be avoided while sharing the roads with the 120t road trains.
    2. Choose your best option  during the wet time. there are places where nearly everyone will pull over and help if needed.
    3. check how any recent rains have impacted the roads.
  6. There are areas where there is no phone /satellite contact.
    1. Super concerned the have a sate-light phone connection.
  7.  No passing traffic these can be life threatening times
  8. Fuel consumption s higher in the heat.
  9. Plan for unforeseen circumstances. These exist.
Susan Lewis take in advice and do the actions needed

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