Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Gut Felt Preplanning Issues Make Total Sense

The majority of the time spent before trips are the preplanning issues. Listen to those gut felt preplanning issues. Make total sense of checklists, tools carried. maps and GPS. Emergency procedures. Insurance.  The list of things just get bigger.

 'Row the boat, sail the boat, flight bags, and tags. One-stop, two or three. Add the extra days on to the main trip or include these as part of the trip. '

Alternately do you listen to that gut feeling?

 Only to alter the time table. Feel perplexed and annoyed with your self.

Then realize that for some reason this will all turn out for the better. In 1991 as the key went in the ignition there was a hesitation. A don't and yet the choice was made to pull forward.  Impact by a truck plowing through the passenger side of the van.

Take notice then action 

Since 2011 its been I need to leave this town. By the end of 2011 floods were where my father was.  Massive floods raised the Thames river and everywhere was flooding.

So you do what comes naturally.  Send a message to someone you've never really met in person.  Skype was new.  We had Skyped a few times.  Compared notes on what was happening social media-wise the middle of the 2000s and nothing more.  But the name was there and contact made.  Yes, it was wet.

The return of the call resulted in a touch base friendship

By mid-January 2012 the message received was along the lines of  "Susan! Are you okay"  We were now having massive floods.  Thus the power of the internet was learned.

The important thing has been there is a trip about to be sorted.

That trip will use all the things previously learned in so many different areas throughout life.

Sort out the itinerary

One of these is the usefulness of prebooking and sorting out the flight plans.  Up to, onboarding and by the time the place to put down the head has been reached.

Added Value simple possitive relatistic thoughts
Add in All the Positive, realistic thoughts
To do this with full meaning coming up is a large series of past trips.   The aim is to share with you, the reader what has been learned through hiking, camping, tramping, traming, car, bus and train rides.  And yes the plane flights that lead up to the flight to England and back.

Hop on for the ride that meanders through time only to bring you, the reader into that 'now' space all of your own.

Change inducing travel.

Travel means a variety of communities. Online, offline.  Leave information.  Success leaves footprints.  Write, post, take photos, Share-online. 
Article in newspapers travels magazines.  Become known.  Make yourself known. Introduce yourself as someone who cares to share that community presence to the world.

Keep in touch with people. Think you can handle being that awesome.  Then make contact and start here. susan@susanlewisisonline.com    Your reply will get to you where ever you are in your travels. 

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