Sunday, 8 March 2020

Arrive In Perth Western Australia 2021

Arrive In Perth Western Australia 2021: This post is about how the date was decided.

Susan Lewis, Off on Adventures
Strange as it may seem it's truly a terrific feeling to share this decision along with all of its consequences. The ride over the next fifteen months is an exploration in itself. Let me share with you what actually occurred this morning. Come on in to this shock decision that has made a defining moment again in life.

Oh My I've done it now. 

It remains to be seen how this 'decisions frenzy' will play out in Perth, Western Australia 2021.

Have just gone onto plus1travel scrolled down to the bottom of the page and went... oh.  Promptly added some fly out and return dates.  Then went "Perth. Western Australia."

Celebration have just converged

And sat here looking at the dates.  Middle of 2021.  That will be the thirth-year [ and a few months] after the truck plowed into the vehicle I was driving.

Just this morning came the realization that the student loan will have finished about halfway through the year of 2021.

It looks like that specific two weeks away will be much appreciated.  Why? Because I've already hung my hat on that particular date.
Time to go back to Perth, Western Australia to see the massive gardens again
One of Perth's many gardens had this massive Aloe plant

Just the date of arrival has been decided

Most important I need a date to hang my implementation strategy trajectory celebration upon.

Unless I drive there which will take about five months.  The important thing is there is a date organized.  Should I fly it means coming back to Victoria straightaway afterward.

Should I drive the agenda is highly flexible.

Arrival in Perth

By plane:I will arrive in Perth Western Australia with the equivalent of one lightly packed backpack and that is it.
By vehicle: depends who is with me. One vehicle or one vehicle and trailer.

I have a suspicion I will be really proficient at using the trailer by the time of arrival.

Over the next few articles in this series the explorations of how to get to Perth will be shared.  At this moment the sneaking suspicion is that the vehicle and trailer will be going out for a drive one day.

Australia is a huge place so the intention is re the arrival back is when, and if, I do.  

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