Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Gormandale, a part of the Strzelecki Ranges

As the organizational guru [ and the one with the vehicle] there are times when my mother and I venture out.  The love of the outdoors, the greens of fields, bush life and country people are a huge attraction

We no longer have children to organize our daily lives around. Therefore when the opportunity comes to combine both business and pleasure we slot it into the activities and off we go.

Each one of us has our own life.  

However, the trips away from our homes are made fun with exploring the places either one of us has passed through, stayed for a few hours or managed to stay overnight at.

Gormandale has been all these things. 
This summer has been drastic all around Victoria.  The eight months of fires have altered much of the peoples thinking patterns.  Many blame things on climatic changes.   Some have seen these things happen before.  The recovery rates in people's minds push through from the community infrastructure.

Let's look at Gormandale

Gormandale lies in the Merrimans Creek Valley area.  Right amongst the rural community that has abundant native flora and fauna. 

In 2020 an emergency warning came through the Vic Emergency Incidents and Warnings site.  The fire warning was then listed as small.

Years ago when Gormadale was visited there were such prolific flora and fauna everywhere.

The vineyards spread out gloriously.

20 minutes away the Tarra Bulga National Park was there to be enjoyed.  A few friends and I took my mum with us.  Rather than leave her behind out came the scooter. Then we reassembled the scooter pathways were chosen.

The bushwalking and bird watching went at a smooth pace.

In Gormanadale the community house 

The management committee has set out to help people recognize their personal spaces with a woodwork shed and associated community garden.

Great variety of workshops and classes aligned with the interests of people in the community.

Active community with three activities just in March alone.

  • Homemade Zucchini Pickles workshop
  • Social Soap Makers reunite
  • Garden Working bee
Previous interests shown are
  • The Dividing and repotting of Orchids
  • Cookie Bake and take
  • Kids movie night
  • Car Boot sale
  • Chainsaw training and assessment
  • Kids disco
  • Fitness class
  • China Painting
  • Welcome breakfast
  • Christmas wreath making
  • Seniors group
  • Library service
  • Bees Wax Wraps and Candles Workshop

Gormandale is here.

Southeast of Traralgon  Gormandale lies past Loy Yang.  Further south of Gormandale is Willung South and then Carrajung


Central Gippsland  - inspired by Central Gippsland, Victoria

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