Saturday, 7 March 2020

Take That Stand For The Life You Need To Create

Seriously how to become a blogger, near on full-time, took time to just workout. 

Counterbalance 'that need' with the passion behind delivering to people just what, and where, the Autism communication and behaviour management of other people occurred, and does occur in the future is an ongoing procedure.  Put me into a situation of arguments and the dreaded freeze creeps in.

To travel the world comes as an over sixty-year-old means to take the time to explore the continental shelf that I find myself on.  Australia.

 The posts are not about social media.  Nor are they about the advantages or disadvantages of social networking with a tight schedule.

The first steps for travel around Australia have started.

There are three projects
A healthy body [Physical Existance], mind [Mental Experience] and spirit [Meta Physical].
Okay, make that four: everyday assets [Investments]

The 4x4 Landrover Discovery, to say the least, is a few years old.  As an auspicious start, that to me means taking the time to sit down and update every hose and part therein before those parts become needed in a hurry.

So on the record so far there has been

  • an air filter
  • filter -oil spin on
  • 10w40 ss 2x 5ltr
  • P7 Brass hose joiner
  • worn drive s/s 9mm 16-27mm
  • 3/4 Pushlok Black Hose
One thing that was disturbing was that the mechanic found two 'clean-cut slices' on the petrol overflow tube. At the other end near the wall, there was a ... well, let's call this area 'fair wear and tear. " until the slashes were found.

That relentless gut feeling of something was not right there... It's times like this one really starts to reconsider the advisability of continuing to stay in the area where you have been for many years.

In a few weeks time, the next practical step is to allow time for the mechanic to meticulously create a shopping list.  Then sit with him as a step-by-step affordable budget is sorted out. As it was he showed me a little bulge within a hose that if there be excessive long trips in the meantime ....

And there is more to come before this older 'lady of the road' is ready for the road.

Meanwhile to master the clearance and removal of clutter has been packed with productivity.  Just one rubbish bin top-up every two weeks.  The two weeks is because the appropriate rubbish bins are collected here every two weeks.

The practical side is the relentless removal of this one at a time clearance has gone through to other things.  Like the clothes that used to fit me are nearing the 'Oh heck it is falling downstage'.    I mention this as with less material per clothing article there is more room to store something else.

That's me.  Mums also coming along. So she too is doing the same.

Currently, the dogs [ seventeen-years old] practically claim that spare space for themselves.

At the beginning of this post, you will have read about the desire to become a full-time blogger. To travel Australia is a matter of a person literally 'expecting nothing', but being prepared for everything. 

No matter what take that growth trajectory that will put you there. Don't hold back on yourself. Before, during and even after that trips section Take the time to explore. 

Move from one place to the next. Find out about that place. Where the locals know off.  People talk on the road.  In times of dire decision [ turn left or right] simply toss a coin. Go, if need be, the other way!

Challenge your resourceful self today.

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