Wednesday, 29 April 2020

But It's Wet Out There

When it's wet out there there is definitely freedom in the decision to stay here and experience the focused action of staying indoors. 

Yesterday was a day for lifting the topsoil and just planting seedlings. The last of the beans have come out and what's left is bare dirt turned and replanted.

Ultimately the excuse tonight is it's raining.  Cold and wet.  Then I wondered if those lettuce and cabbage plants have been washed away The dirt is bare... running out of sunlight meant no more mowing. The rain started last night so the rest of the lawn is not mowed.  So the brick wall really was a great idea to finish off with.

The idea of fresh vegetables while on the road means learning about harvesting what is out there. Incorporating that into small herb plants hanging from somewhere,'

Growing up with a mother who transported the garden in boxes on the station wagons roof rack this idea does not sound so strange. As these Sunflowers have tubers attached under the ground  But the shoots grow up past ten-foot-tall the plan is not to grow these in the car, nor on the roof.

When excellence Persia is the only option you create your own abundance by relying on your deepest inner belief. 

My belief is that I simply love sunflowers.  Therefore there is the idea to travel the whole of Australia to find all fifty-nine varieties in Australia Alone.

From the rare dune sunflower that grows in Queensland - in sandy roadside areas.

To know that sunflowers arrived in Australia over a year ago many have adapted to life. Altering DNA strands in the growth of the fittest.

On of the happiest thoughts is driving up the small hill to the driveway here.  The plants cover ut the neighbor's veranda.  The flowers just radiant small spots of happiness and sunshine.

The tubers, along with the seeds on the meal list.

There are huge 'big' sunflower fields in 
  • Allora
  • Cambooya
  • Felton
  • Nobby
  • Toowoomba  
  • Warwick.
As the Sunflowers bloom time is from January to March this would be the time to head that way.

There must be a sunflower festival to go too.

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