Monday, 31 August 2020

Consider buying in one state to tow to another

 Have found some worthwhile information to consider.  knowing that everyone n Australia needs to be recorded in a residential address the connection between that residential address and the purchasing a new caravan in interstate was now a shock.

There are several different routes to be taken which depend on the state your residential address is held in.  Please check with the state you reside as your own due diligence is required.

Here's what was found out: 

  • Should the van be brought in New South Wales a Road Permit needs to be issued. Then you may travel to Northern Territory and registration may be done there.
    1. There was a restriction was to travel the most direct route back to Northern Territory.
    2. Give al the caravan spec plate details and the new rego number on arriving at destination in Northern Territory.
  • Registration of caravans in New South Wales requires an NSW residential address and proof of residency.
    1. Purchase a caravan n Victoria but live in New Sout wales.... and have a garaging address in getts you eligible for a Vic Rego.  Plus has a VicRoads client number watch out for the following:
      1. When your permanent address is in NSW the caravan may still be considered unregistered by the NSW Police as there is fine print on the NSW RMS website.

  • Live in Queensland but brought a caravan from a manufacturer in Victoria
    1. to apply via online Vic roads for a permit that lasts for seven days.
    2. Make sure the insurance company is happy to insure on a cover permit. [ May not be happy to cover on the dealer plate.
  • when you live in one state, buy-in another state you may be required to drive straight home to the state your home address.  Which is fine until you get to the border.
    1. Where you may be asked to unload for the factory's weight that the Registry Office will accept.

Following this also  was mentioned;

  1.  To take out insurance before travel.
  2. Caravan dealers can give out interstate travel number plates for at least seven days to travel back to your home state.
  3. Think about backloading transport possibilities.

  4. Bottom line is to ring the police and registrations areas of your home state and get the answers from them.  Best yet get everything in writing. 

    Alo ring the Registry Office and find out the details of what they will accept in the State you are o travel through.

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