Friday, 28 August 2020

Pick up the 4x4 Land Rover Discovery Today

Where as the day today was a little misty the outlook was terrific.  Got a lift out to pick up the 4x4.  what a beautiful feeling.

There are still some little things to do with this vehicle.  The one with the greatest change factor alterations is now me.  The driver and caretaker of the vehicle.

Heading home there had to be a conscious effort to keep an on eye often the speedometer.  The time lapse, or maybe the workshop, has worked marvels but it certainly feels like there has been changes.  The whole thing feels so new to touch. Seems there is a new  release of life hum and energy in the old girl.

Like as though she has been released from a confinement.  So much like the person I am as from a few days ago.


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