Thursday, 27 August 2020

The 4x4 Land-Drover Discovery Is Back Here

Whippee  The 4x4 Land Drover Discovery has just come home.

Yes! The happiness factor has come through .... now that the 4x4 Land-Rover discovery has found itself temporary parked in the drive way!

Soon to be totally removed off the steps to freedom list is the maintenance factors that influenced the vehicle to travel in. The 4x4 is back from the workshop.  With love care and action in the proper maintenance the vehicle is now up to speed with its  basic repairs list being ticked off.

When there are restrictions to your movement .... also go online to explore the ways there are still ways of 'doing things' towards moving on.

Okay so here is where the Discover is on the upgrade everything that needs to be repaired, replaced and definitely working.

Round three of 'back to the work shop' will happen in a few months.  Like in November 2020. By that time a replacement dashboard will have been purchased, and ready to be installed.

Basic steps, one after the other get you further forward, closer to the end goal a little at a time.

That said Step One : One major overhaul has been accomplished. What a relief that the 4x4 Land-Drover Discovery is Back here.

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