Tuesday, 29 September 2020

create a calendar of festivals, markets, activities to visit

 Knew it was time to start to create a calendar of festivals, markets, activities to visit even made mention of a travel bucket List throughout the Australian Content published 11th August 2019.

Now it's September 2020  a calendar of suggestions for the Eastern Side of Australia is started to be created.

To be realistic there is a lot of distance between these places, the time between each suggestion cluster may actually take several years to complete.  That truly is seen as a time of true adventure.

Yeah, there may even be a couple of One-day cricket matches taken into consideration.

October 2-4th Kilkivan Bush Camping and Caravan Park

Susan Lewis 2020 calendar of events plans while off on adventure

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

A Smokin, Blues & Roots Music Festival

Based in South East Queensland [ australia]  is a 25 acre area full of powered and unpowered sites. Add a few Camping huts and the Kilkivan Bush Camping and caravan park becomes a hive of activity.

 At the Kilkivan Bush Camping and Caravan Park on 2020 October 2-4 the Smokin, Blues & Roots Music Festival long weekend occurs. [booking details are below the post]

So far this is what is planned:

Over the weekend you have ongoing live up of 'live music' happening from Friday to Sunday.

  • Tennesee Lights
  • Aerial  Catz
  • Four String Phil
  • Pop
  • Circus skills workshop inc
  • Includes a kids performance on Sunday Night
  • So many kids activities
  • Artists workshops
  • Live demonstrations
  • Reverend Bill
  • Devils Kiosk
  • Ralph's delicious catering

Cost $50 an adult per night > this includes camping and entertainment

Pictures to share are from the Kilkivan Bush And Caravan Park

Contact details 
Phone call 5484 1340

See you at the KilKivan Smoking, Blues and Roots Music Festival

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Caravan Care Wash And Wear


Australia's definitely a land of many places and faces. That leaves a lot of things to do.  There's also

Suggestions about the washing of a caravan:

  • Wash after trips.
  • Have made a 'van shirt'.  Take the Van Shirt off the caravan. Now use a soft broom to clean the shirt a well as the van.
  • Never pressure wash as pressure washes cause leaks.
  • Use a ladder and broom to do the roof.
  • Place a piece of wood across the roof to stand on - no dents
These days clean the inside completely down before, after and during the trip.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Backload the caravan to the nearest CDB

 Truck Back-Load

Get your caravan on a truck from one place to another take positive action by simply 

  1. Go to Facebook "Back Loads"   Fellas doing light transport  - or have an empty load on a return trip, inform of their availability.
  2. Further, endeavor to load the backload on at a major center. For instance, rather than from Broken Hill get it to Adelaide where you save a packet.
It's been noted that sub-contractors may charge an arm and a leg. Plus you then rely on the sub-contractor needing a backload to the nearest CBD

Be aware that your insurance needs to have this coverage as freight insurance is limited
Caravan needs a lift or tow back home via truck

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Susan Lewis's Sliding Cascade of Travel Decisions

Blogging of trip

    with new intensity

Campsites and places

Health and welfare

House sitting along the way

Investment of time

Join travel groups or be individual 

Leaving the place of residence

    Sorting what to take


Places to see

PopUp set up

    Travel as a Story-Time experience

    Ongoing updates

 To Go

    "Learn, see, do, show" along the way

Travel with the Hula Hoop

    Learn Hula Hoop

    Remove the unneeded weight.

    Tone up with hulahoop

            Hula hoop set up





        Learning to back

        Pick the trailer

        Kit the trailer

Thursday, 3 September 2020

One Week Check Up For 4x4 Discovery

  Required to attend a one week check up for the 4x4.  Great service and this was the first time after such an overhaul the vehicle goes in for a check up.

There is a part till on order.  Something to do with a water hose under the radiator.  When the vehicle hits 5,000 km take it back.  Provisional booking in for a couple of months time for the dashboard replacement during November.

After that next on the list are replacement tires.  Of course the actual changing of the tires will be a hands on learning experience for me.  Very much like my driving instructor taught me.  This is how to do it... jack safety and all  Now change all five tyres. That included the back tyre as well.

During this session the jacks are the be used.  Safety lessons before hand is check videos online re conditions that people change tyres in.  ie... slopes, angle to consider and sloshie patches.

Realization of just is what has begun has finally home.

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