Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Consider The Footwear As Important

 Preemptive care of self before travel, camping, or all other activities is like practicing self-survival techniques.

For instance, the change of tires is many different circumstances as possible just to familiarize yourself with what you could be called upon to do as quickly and safely as possible.

The same goes for what you wear on your feet. Especially when driving. Experience has taught that foot care, as well as boot care, has important preparations to go through.

The one pair of boots left over out of five sets after twenty years has started to be brought out of the storage boxes.

Knowing this today the beeswax waterproofing and care for leather is now applied to the leather of the boots. 

All that had to be done was to 

  1. Wipe over the books and remove the dust and any dirt
  2. Use a designated toothbrush to freshen the seams.
  3. Take the shammy from the container. simply scoop up some of the beeswax.
  4. Make sure the seams, the holes, and where the leather seams meet - especially where the seams meet the soles on the side seams.

After a week the second coat and another will be further applied.

On the next spring hot temperature by the boots, will enjoy the place outside so the beeswax has a chance to melt into the seams and also the stitching. [ It's either that or purchase a hair drier that will not be taken traveling]

This way the leather is soft and pliable while being waterproofed as well. Actually, it's more like watertight afterward.

There is such a huge enjoyment, and satisfaction from the process because you know how your boots are at the end of the process.

The reason these practices are done all around the world is simple... The process actually works.

"Expect the unexpected" is a life motto. Cross the streams or walking along the banks of a small river the boots many get wet. soaking wet boot leather weighs the legs down.  Properly absorbed Bees Waxed suddenly look a great alternative to the laden waterlogged, now heavy weighted boots.

Besides, there is the thought of being able to laugh at the rain and snow again. Or just pure splashing in the puddles.

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