Friday, 28 August 2020

One 4x4 that drives like a dream.

  To be in love means different things to different people.

The word itself is flimsy, but with meaningful interpretations the 'love' word is hardwired into our everyday speak.

Found out the hard way that your age was higher than the passion for things plateau the realized how much self esteem was now needed in so many areas of life.  

Well, two days ago the older 4x4 Land-Rover Discovery vehicle came back into my possession.  Fresh new from the workshop. People have indicated that when a person finds their passion something spectacular happens within their life.

Sitting here watching a video of a man in the intensive care unit praising God at work it hit me.  Jesus has been a quite part of my if for so long that there were a lot of assumptions on my part.

As time goes on the need to move on has settled into that slowly burning fire.  Juggled this and that around to make sure things were financially smooth sailing.... and the bill for the workshop repairs was covered. 

The vehicle now drives like a dream. Just had not realized how much this mode of transport was missed.

I'm in love with the personality of the vehicle.  There's the smooth handling, and it purrs like a playful kitten.  Have not heard it roar yet. 

Flows along the roadways like warm liquid chocolate.  

It's me now that has to step up with the handling of the vehicle.

The laugh is it's the very tail end of the calendar winter.

To top it off why get it dirty? Really does the 4x4 have to get dirty!

Then again the choice has been to learn how to drive the vehicle semi off-road. 

Additionally, there is all the maintenance and top-ups to follow through with.

Therefore in 2021 both it, and I will be booked into an off-road training..... well maybe just a 4x4 club to start with.

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