Thursday, 3 September 2020

One Week Check Up For 4x4 Discovery

  Required to attend a one week check up for the 4x4.  Great service and this was the first time after such an overhaul the vehicle goes in for a check up.

There is a part till on order.  Something to do with a water hose under the radiator.  When the vehicle hits 5,000 km take it back.  Provisional booking in for a couple of months time for the dashboard replacement during November.

After that next on the list are replacement tires.  Of course the actual changing of the tires will be a hands on learning experience for me.  Very much like my driving instructor taught me.  This is how to do it... jack safety and all  Now change all five tyres. That included the back tyre as well.

During this session the jacks are the be used.  Safety lessons before hand is check videos online re conditions that people change tyres in.  ie... slopes, angle to consider and sloshie patches.

Realization of just is what has begun has finally home.

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