Thursday, 8 August 2019

Plans A Foot For A Tiny House

 The idea just came a few years ago.  Travel with a tiny house attached to the vehicle.

Just a small box trailer that once created alternates to be a tiny house equipped with a fold out office space.  The requirements are that the tiny house opens on the side and allows food or beverages to be made whilst at market or shows.

Tiny houses are a fascination of mine.  Having watched them grow and develop personalizes of their own usage it now beggars me as to why this idea did not connect before.

A little while ago in Morwell there was 4x4 vehicle parked just outside a shop. This car towed a two person caravan. 

The husband and wife team had taken the vehicle across Asia to America. Travel that continent as well as back to Australia to head for New Zealand. There was a fresh application of paint.  The traveled roadways had been updated.

This fascination of tiny houses and overseas travel has once again quietly stoked up the Tiny House and travel passion combination.  

Now that the two are connected in the brain there must be someone who is able to create this combination for what's to happen in the future.  

Time to finish book work and start drawing plans.

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