Tuesday, 30 June 2020

the australian 4x4 driving plan that grew

 Excitingly there are so many of us who now enjoy  the luxury of travelling in 4x4's. Under Maurice Wilks the 1948 creation of the Land Rover came into fruition within the once British marque. 

 All makes and models, over the last 60 plus years have now broken int the Australia  'vehicle of choice' since the 1940's and early 1950's.

The 4x4 LandRover is a vehicle of discovery.  Hence the 4x4 discover model.

What started with an idea from two young men in Newcastle New South Wales challenge the normal day to day existence people had settled into post hippy 1960's to mid 1980's time.  That daring plan took on  something that never had been done before.

Like all adventures many little things accepted at the time were dealt with.  These first were forgotten along the way of newer, more daunting challenges. Imagine the bush-mechanic styled repairs that would have happened as the beginning of the cross-country journey across the 'Big Redreally got happening.

The group consisted of 5 people: a mechanic, a botanist come naturalist, plus one wife who set up this journey of the life time. A journey of immense risk. One that has around 1100 sand dunes. As the path taken a few weeks ago can become completely different than the path about to be taken tomorrow. 

Experience would be a terrific teaches re the setting of the psi Tyre pressure ratio's. when Tyre pressures aren't set popper rough congregations late the viability and response times within even a town car. set the Tyre pressures right in the 4x4 Discovery, even at home , the response time alters.

Navigating was by basic map reading skills. Sextant calculations that found their location where exactly were they in the Australian continent

Rationing of just one cup of water per day. That meant no showers or bathing would exist. Nor any swimming as the Simpson Desert has less than 20mm through out per year. One of this group wore the same shirt for 21 days straight.

No power steering or air conditioning existed.  Nor any adjustable suspension

That journey would take 21 days just to cross the Simpson Desert. During which day was day and night enclosed you like a blanket. 

Stars visible up above is such amazing clarity that ever, single, pieces of detail would have been seen to be believed.

One of the participants, Mike Leyland [At 68 years] donated the original Land Rover to Birdswood Motor Museum 


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