Monday, 12 October 2020

Found One Trip Planner for Queensland

 Checking up on insurance for a friend whose insurance had been overlooked there was suddenly something that caught the eye.

A trip planner.

The RACV roadside assist looks interesting as well. 

The link for what a part of the future planned trips look like is right here.  Through hitting on this road trip link  you recognize it provides a reference quick guide only.

To know this is the trip you are planning. One for yourself.

Ask yourself,  what attractions are you going to be following.  Where are you likely to dive through and have a quick trip there, maybe her and what about further afield.

The more that Australia is at my finger tips the greater interest there is in visiting as much as is there to see.

This seems to be happening even faster than I had thought possible.

Back here in Churchill [ Victoria] there's the lawn to mow tomorrow.  The lawnmower is a borrowed ne from the Neighbour Hood House in Morwell.  There pick it up , mow the lawns, now over grown, clean and tidy the lawn mower up... and return it all in three hours.

Why borrow and not buy! Where is the lawnmower going s the trips with the vehicle occur! Certainly not following the vehicle all over the place.

This trip that is being worked on is one where there is no lawnmower involved.

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