Saturday, 16 January 2021

Cleaning up the bog-down jobs before travel really begins

 For the last few years the paper work has had to be sorted out, prioritized, sorted into categories, tidied, worked on and one at a time finalized.

Honestly this all started off as a Maxed Out Overwhelm Situation.

Eventually one job at a time was sorted out. Done. Completed. Got rid of. Next.

From Then to Now

When a person takes on someone's Enduring Power of Attorney this is where making sure everything is in order is really important.

There is an excitement in the air.  Well for me there is.   There are five receipts to add into the spreadsheet of records.  

Then there's the double checking of the bank records to make sure these card details are in the correct place.

As of this morning one accountant arrived at a Sunday Service. When helping with a community service in 2018/19 this person was the accountant there. 

The relief to know what is sort for has already been found. 

Why is an accountant important. 

Primarily five reasons - besides these books need to be 100% accurate.

  • The main one is dealing with someone else's money.
  • The use of a basic spread sheet to record financial things out went out with the dinosaurs.  Notably each accountant has their own program. Therefore at least these figures are sorted out and then more easily inputted.
  • That day at the beach just took on another twenty four hours. Most probably with me away stuck in a motel room inputting these figures. Sorting out category's and subcategories.
  • By the finalization of the book work the house involved will have it's own official financial record recorded.
  • By the time the house is fixed up the trip for me will have started..... once again with a trip to the beach.
Currently it's more like swiping a day here, a day there. What ever will get me to the sea, river, water in general. 

There is a huge coast frontage around the continent of Australia.  What's more is that every river has an originating spring arm that leads to it's source.. And down the other side.

The only challenge is the flipping of the coin when the vehicle hits the sea in Inverlock, Victoria.  But that was decided  a long time ago. Great Ocean Road.  See the Sisters sticking out of the coastal waters

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